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How to pull of the smokey look

Since i am 15,I am still not comfortable wearing in your face,obvious makeup.Well,except for lipstick and gloss but everyone wears lip stuff it doesn’t matter…anyways,I have always been fascinated by smokey eyes and most people here know that i am an eye makeup addict,so i am all the more addicted.
Smokey eyes come out differently on different people and different colors gives different looks too.Harsh black can give you a gothic look but a soft black can give you a sophisticated high fashion chic look.Browns and pinks can be used for day time,office purposes.If you are comfortable using colorful shadows when you go out you can use that when you go out to parties or something.

I have two signature smokey looks.A black one and a brown one.

  • For the black one i first apply talcum powder,then concealer after that i use black pencil liner on top lash line close to the lashes then blend it out slightly with a small brush,not too much just to get a smudge look.Then I use kajal on my bottom waterline and blend it down into the lash line too.I also apply the kajal to the top waterline to make my eyelashes seem thicker.Then i apply 3 coats of mascara- 2 coats of the same one then a single coat of another.

  • I use: cuticura talcum powder;revlon colorstay concealer in medium/deep;tips and toes pencil eyeliner in black;shahanaz hussain kajal[review here-by jane];2coats of maybelline define-a-lash mascara;1 coat of Streetwear Wonderlash Mascara.

  • For the Brown look too i apply talcum powder then concealer,then i apply a satiny medium borwn shadow all over the lid with a light hand and i pat it on slightly.Then I use a brown liquid liner on top lashline and then line half of the bottom lashline close to the lashes using the brown liquid liner[if it tricky for any of you- you can use the eyeshadow itself with a small fluffy brush and apply it].Then top with 3 coats of mascara [as mentioned above]

  • I use: Cuticura talcum powder;Revlon Colorstay concealer in medium/deep;Colorbar eyeshadow in spicy brown;Carlo Di Roma infallible eyeliner in brown;2 coats of maybelline define-a-lash mascara[review here];1 coat of Streetwear Wonderlash Mascara.

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3 thoughts on “How to pull of the smokey look

  1. I love smokey eyes and brown one is the one which I recently tried.

    Instead of black i have started using blue pencil liner nowadays..comes out really cool..

    Great steps and tips..!!!


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