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Lakme Suneet Varma Night Fever Stuff Haul!

I know i am late at getting the stuff only now.But due to my hectic school schedule,i am not able to go out shopping at all! So my friend Rati was sweet enough to do it for me @ delhi and sent me the stuff by courier.I just went and picked the stuff up today and i very excited to show you guys the swatches. I only bought Glide on eyecolor and a lipartist in terracotta.
I had given a watch i got as a gift to be shortened near the courier place and i couldn’t resist not opening it then and there…So i did.All the pencils were tied together with a red ribbon and i had also asked to get me a dual sharpner ,she had even written-“Enjoy your haul,Love Rati 🙂 “
…and she had put cute little stickers on everything!! isn’t she the sweetest??!!
Anyways,here are the piccies! i have kept on rambling for long enough.

  • Glide On Eye-color: I bought all three shades; What i loved the most ’bout these were the texture,they go on so smoothly and it is blendable for a while but then it dries and then it does not smudge!! if you wanna smudge it,you will have to be quick with your hands.
  • Warm Copper:Is true to its name,it is a warm rich copper color.

  • Aqua Green:Its a turquoise blueish greenish color. It reminds of electricity!! [I am confused..:D]

  • Plush Purple:It is a milky purplish shade,most girls[rati and tanveer ,i think!] said it looks kind of crayon like on them.But it kind of comes off as more of a rich purple on my skin.

  • Lip Artist in Terracotta: The shade is really pretty,a true terracotta shade,my mum said that it looks like the color betel leaves gives…!!The texture is really smooth and creamy.It has a matte finish and if you have chapped lips you have to wear lip balm before applying it.

I am reaaaaaaaaally happy and i am playing around with my new stuffies now!!!
Buh-Bye for now!


10 thoughts on “Lakme Suneet Varma Night Fever Stuff Haul!

  1. Hi.
    Am staying in Ernakulam….I would like to know from you bought Colourbar and Body Shop stuffs…..i love eye make up( infact all make up ;)) but I have developed a dark circle which bothers me alot and am in search for stuffs that can help me to hide it….


  2. @Naaj- I am sorry to tell you that i didnt purchase the colorbar stuff myself…a frnd of mine got them for me from Delhi….and as for bodyshop…i havent bought anything yet…but lastday i was in Oberon Mall in the shop cosmetic island on the third 2nd floor and i saw the TBS strawberry shower gel and lipbalms there…. 🙂 🙂

    So finally i meet a mallu in Kerala who is crazy bout makeup huh???? keep in touch please?? 🙂 🙂


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