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Maybelline Haul!

On 28th I went to Ernakulam and had the greatest time ever! I brought some stuff i have been wanting for a long time.All the makeup stuff are mainly maybelline stuff and then i also got a Vega foundation brush.I also brought a really pretty ring with violet stones.My auntie came for a visit last day and since eid is coming up she gave me 500 rupees..but my shopping came to a total of 840..but mum was kind enough to buy it for me..told me since eid is coming up,this is your eid gift…So here are some pics and my first impressions.
OH! and I found out that The Body Shop stuff are available at the mall….yippee!! as of now there is no specific TBS here..but gonna try something much raved about from them soon…

  • Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express(Rs 260/-): I had A LOT of my friends on IMBB recommend this mascara to me.I have tried this out for a week now and i gotta say i know what all the hype is about.It does what it says it volumizes the lashes and also gives it a curve that my Define-A-Lash failed to do.A more detailed review is coming up soon.

  • Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Blush in Peach Satin(rs 150/-):My friend Priyanka from IMBB was going on and on about this product and this was showing up in everyone’s hauls,so i got one to know whats so great about it.I have not gotten around to using it yet as i have been preoccupied with exams. As of now all i can say is that i love the color,the texture really is like DREAM and blends well i have to see how it acts on top of my base,also the time test… 😀
  • Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quad in seashore frosts(Rs 225/-):I really wanted to get Chai Latte as it was raved bout everywhere i went ,but they were out of fresh pieces of Chai Latte ,so i had option between Emerald Isle & Seashore Frosts. The Colors are really pretty and pigmented.I think I have found my HG crease/blending color with the crease color in this quad.I think it would look over the top if you use all the colors in one go.But otherwise a totally great investment for a makeup beginner.
  • Vega Foudation Brush(Rs 150/-)- I have been wanting a foudation brush FOR-EVER .So i am really happy that i could get my hands on these.I have not used it yet,but it seems soft,does not shed,even while washing-yes!i washed my new brush before using it even once!



Here is a pic of that violet ring i got(Rs 100/-) it just Pweetty?!

And here is a pic of the deilicious bavarian chocolate icecream [dark and bitter] with chocolate sauce on top in a crunchy cone….

Hope you all had a great week,mine was stress out week due to midterms.

Buh bye for now,

15 thoughts on “Maybelline Haul!

  1. @ anamika -thanks!! i am playin around with it already…
    @ blushingloves- thanks for the tip..!!!
    @ indianmakeupways-thanks!! and happy eid in advance to you too!
    @Rima-YES I DO!!! i just cant get enuff maybelline..i am already planning my next haul with color sensational lippies and the UV base…


  2. Hey i hv the same eye shadow palette and hvnt been able to use it much. would love to see the looks u create with it..thanks! nice haul..all great products!


  3. hi,

    Yes, maybelline products r da best. i have purchased UV base yesterday n its pretty good. also the lipstick range in Rs 220 is cooooool….

    take care


  4. awww.. lovely Haul… i love love the Ring Fathima, the Dream Mousse blush is for 150 ?? the girl at New U store told me its for 249(around)… m confused now…
    nyways, after using the Vega brush do lemme know howz it… planning to buy one..


  5. @Anon1–i have updated with prices..:)

    @Anon2–i am going to do tutorials with it soon…

    @Anon3–I wanna buy the UV base too…i am saving up to buy the color sensational lipsticks..

    @Deeps–thanks! i love the ring too[i have an addiction to buying rings] and yh! i got the blush for 150..priyanka frm IMBB all bought it for 150/-
    Oh and i used the Vega brush once already and it is worth buying…go and get it..i am gonna do a full fledged review soon…


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