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Sharmila Tagore Inspired Makeup Look

I watching an old movie starring Sharmila Tagore and I loved her makeup so much that I had to try it out and this is the look I came up with. It is just a basic pinup look with exaggerated liner. this is the look:

Without further Ado let’s get to the tutorial

² First I applied primer-Revlon colorstay foundation in toast topped with loose powder.

² Then using a medium brown shadow, I applied into the crease first, and blended it out real well

² Then using a shade of compact powder in a shade lighter than my skin tone [way lighter], I applied onto the lid.

² Then using a plain black liquid liner, I lined my eyes and winged it out well, I first made the wing smaller and then made it bigger.

² Then I applied a flesh colored liner on the bottom lash line, applied mascara, and the eye makeup was done!

² If I had falsies I would have used them. They are really necessary for this look. They bring the whole thing together.

² The face makeup should be kept matte and flawless, wear a peachy pink blush, and a lippie of the same shade in satin finish and you are Done!!

² Things I used-

  • · Revlon Colorstay foundation in toast
  • · Johnson and Johnson baby powder [I am not a baby, but I love it!]
  • · Medium brown shade from Erha 21 palette
  • · Maxfactor crème puff in truly fair
  • · Eyetex dazzler black liquid liner

I hope you all like this look as much I liked doing it! Until next time!




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