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I got Mail..!! :)

After i got ready and was putting on my shoes to go out and do some quick errands,i noticed that not one,but 2 packages are sitting on our outdoor bench! And i knew what it was-it was the stuff that was sent to me from Sigma and Bornpretty store!!
I did all my errands and quickly came and opened it all up ~ violently(read:broke a nail prying open the package without scissors :P)  and here are some Pictures of all that i got!

From Sigma:

Sigmax F80-Flat Top Kabuki Brush

From BornPretty Store:

So in total these are the stuff that i will be reviewing  soon-ish.You can also expect to see my first konadicure Soon Enough!

P.S. I might have a Surprise for Ya’all soon enough!!

Buh-bye For Now!
P.S..Products mentioned in this post is provided by the companies for review purposes

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