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Kate Middleton’s Wedding Gown……..

……..is Oh-So-Gorgeous..!! Her dress was designed by Sarah Burton who took up after The late Alexander Mcqueen.The dress is totally worthy to be worn by royality!! i Love it..!!

“I think it’s magnificent,” says Vogue European editor at large Hamish Bowles, who compared the styling to the dress Grace Kelly wore when she wed Prince Ranier. It “entirely lived up to and exceeds anyone’s expectations,” says Bowles, who adds that “it’s a marvelous tribute to British design that she would choose Sarah Burton, who’s doing such a sensational job carrying the torch of McQueen’s visionary talent.”

I also think that the bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses were so CUTE..!! 

But the only fashion blunder there was Posh Spice whose dress looked like a navy blue sack,but David Bekham(who looks dreamy in that suit,BTW) on her hands kind of balances the fashion blunder and gorgeousness out!

Here is a Closeup of Kate’s Face.i am sad that i cant make out her makeup,but i guess its the usual flawless skin,neutral makeup.I do see her super rosy cheeks though!

The thing i loved the most is that everything is so traditional and graceful.

Buh-Bye For Now!

10 thoughts on “Kate Middleton’s Wedding Gown……..

  1. I thought Kate looks amazing! As for Victoria, you have to keep in mind that she is pregnant & quite a way along too. So comfort must have been the top priority. Plus, I believe that the dress is from her own line.


  2. @Maryam- i thot so too…!!!

    @Poorvih-Kate DID look uh-mazing,I knw that Posh is preggers..but ladies like Heidi Klum and Natalie Portman looked so Beautiful on the red carpet even when they were preggers too…its just that i did not like that posh dressed like that at the Royal Wedding…!!!


  3. @Hungover on Fashion..i thought so too..!! i have checked out your blog and followed…!!

    @mNg-i Know…!!! i loved her flushed cheeks..only thing i didn't like was that she used dark liner on top and bottom lash line closing up her small eyes.


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