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History Of My Makeup Skills

First of all,i don’t say that i am a pro in makeup.But i do know that i am pretty good at it.I want to let you all know and see that not high-end products/brushes make you into a   fairly good makeup-er (as i DON’T consider myself an artist).I just want to show you all some pics from 2008,2009 and 2010 in which i started of doing makeup.

In The Year 2008,i found out Youtube and was super eager to do makeup videos and i started making them even though i was just 13 and utter crap at it.Here are some Pics:

1930’s makeup(Yeah!! i donno what kinda research i did!):

Arabic look(this was a luckily good look,this was my best work of that time):


 Basic Makeup look with colored liner:

 Then when i got to 2009,i started getting better from all the excessive makeup obsession:
Barbie Inspired Eye makeup look:

Trying to recreate a look worn by Jennifer Hudson at some award function(My First Smokey Eye) :

Peacock inspired look:

In 2010,i got my Digicam and started doing more and more makeup looks and they actually started to look good:
Apricot inspired makeup look:

 Bridal Makeup look:

Rock Inspired Makeup look:

Spring Inspired Look:

And Finally some pics from this year that you guys might not have seen:

Party Look i did for guest post over at Sara Hassan’s Blog:

I hope this BlogPost was inspiring to anyone who thinks that they are rubbish at eyemakeup and think that if it isnt your thing,you shouldn’t try it!!It is not about natural born skills,high-end products.Its all about practice!!

Buh-Bye For Now!


9 thoughts on “History Of My Makeup Skills

  1. #Beautydiva-i am flaterred that you think so..!! thanks a lot..! its the best compliment i have recieved!! 🙂 🙂

    @uzma-thanku dear…!!

    @bhumi-hehhe!! but still…i am waaay better now..! 🙂 🙂


  2. Wonderful post Fathima. You can clearly see the progression of your skills from the pics. I've always thought that you are very talented with eye makeup, so it's nice to know that your beginnings were as humble as mine 😛 Gives me hope that I can improve if I practice.


  3. @Poorvah-i am glad that i was able to achieve what i wanted out of this post…which was to let everyone know that everyone starts off plain..and with pracice you can make it better..just like everyother skill out there..!


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