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New Haircut…..!!!!

 The Above is the Before Picture of my hair

I have been contemplating cutting my hair for a while now.Last day i went to the salon with the idea of just layering not shortening my hair.But when i got there the stylist after some scrutiny said that the ends of my hair is dry and that it wont possibly grow any longer.So i thought what the hell,I’ll just cut it all off and give my friends a hell of a surprise on the result day.Even though i was reluctant to go this short at first…I am loving my hair now!! I got layers and reduced the hair length just in level with my shoulder.
 Now…the after Picture….

Tell me what you think?! is it too short?! too choppy?! is it cute?! just lemme know if you like it or not!

Buh-Bye For Now!

14 thoughts on “New Haircut…..!!!!

  1. I recently got my haircut.. My hair is your length and the hairdresser said the same things to me but i didnt wanna lose any length so insisted on getting ONLY layers. And i love my hair now.

    Btw i think short looks good too 😀


  2. @MSodapop-Oh…actually mine is the other way around…i cut it coz it wasnt getting as long as i wanted it to be..!!



    @beautydiva-that is one of the reasons i chopped it off..>! 🙂 🙂


  3. you know, hair actually grows from the root and not from the tip, so what your stylist said is technically wrong. it's just that hair that's dry at the ends doesn't LOOK very good. but it does grow long if you give it the usual time. and if you ask me, your hair looked just fine and not dry!
    your new hairstyle suits your cute face very well. 🙂


  4. Oh dear Lord..what have i done…??!!! I do like this new look,but what i actually wanted when i started growing it out was miley Cyresque layered long curly hair…!! ahh well…someday…!! right now i love rocking this cute new avatar!!


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