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Request Look Tutorial-Brown Smokey Eye Using Revlon Creme Illumiance Shadow

This look was requested by poorvah from poohkie’s place.She asked me to do a smokey brown looking using the Revlon Creme illumiance shadow that i reviewed a few days ago.The specialty of this look is that i didn’t use a single brush in the application of it and still turned out super pretty.

How to do the look:
First use a foundation And powder as base for the creme shadow as otherwise it will crease like crazy!

Then taking a black kajal line your top lash line and bottom waterline
Then blend it out very well using your finger

Then taking the darkest shade from the quad,pat it on top of your lid with your finger
Then Blend it out real well at the edges.

Then take the second shade-the rosy gold and apply it under your browbone and in the inside corner of the eyes as highlight
Then take the brown color again and apply it on the bottom lash line(only for this you might need a small stiff brush,but you can also use a Q-Tip. Then use a liquid liner on top lash line to just to give your lashes a thicker look.Also apply kajal again and apply your fav mascara and you are done!!!
I hope you all.especially Poohkie liked this easy peasy lemon squeezy look and if you do try it..mail it to me at!! 🙂 🙂 
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Buh-bye For Now!
Fath!ma ❤

6 thoughts on “Request Look Tutorial-Brown Smokey Eye Using Revlon Creme Illumiance Shadow

  1. Wow it's so simple! Thanks a lot Fathima. It actually seems idiot proof. And thanks for not using any brushes, I only have 1 or 2 simple vega brushes & they're useless.


  2. @rakshanda-thanks…

    @HOF-Thnks..:) 🙂

    @poohkie-I thought that since u said u are a beginner in eyemakeup u mite not have access to a lot of brushes….so i used this…!! and i am glad u found it useful…!


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