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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Review

Silky…Sexy…Brilliant. Glossy formula combines sheer color and intense moisture with light-reflecting spheres to create amazing shine. SPF 15 

Price: Almost 400.Not quite sure

Shades: Almost 12 shades are featured on the site,but the shade I own-Barely Blossom isn’t featured there,so it might be discontinued.But the other shades that tempt me are firecraker,coral reef and Peach Lustre.
(click picture to enlarge and see)

Barely Blossom:This is a sheer Frosted Candy Pink Lip-gloss with fine silver shimmer..When applied on lips it gives a frosty kinda look.

Packaging:The packaging is pretty sleek,but Unfortunately when i first tried to open the bottle,it somehow broke and came in my hands in 2 pieces and i lost some product,but i put it back and need to be careful with it otherwise it might come off.So that was a turn off for me.I donno if it is a factory default or anything,but still buying a single product worth 400 Rs and then it breaking open in your hand is not a good feeling.

 Wand:It has a normal Doe-foot applicator which applies the gloss well.

Formula:It is just like anyother gloss out there,liquid,gooey but not too sticky.

Staying Power:It stays for fair amount of time 2-3 hours which is the usual time any non long lasting gloss lasts upto.

Finish: It has a highgloss,nonsticky and frosty looking finish

Scent: It doesn’t have any flavored smell,just normal lipstick/gloss smell with a hint of plastic-iness to it.But it isn’t bad enough to be a turn off.

Value For Money:I think that this is actually a product from Revlon that is aptly priced.

Final Thoughts:This is kinda like my go-to gloss and is always in my handbag/school bag.So I love it!!

Rating:4/5(1 point deducted for the packaging mishap)

Will I Repurchase This?!:I am just waiting to get some cash in to go and purchase it in some other Shades mainly firecracker,peach lustre and coral reef.

Would I Recommend This?!:Yes!If you are a gloss person and don’t mind dishing out a few extra bucks for a single product

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