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KKCenterHk Eyelash Review [ ES A89]


  • False Eyelash With Box Package
  • Suitable For Any Personage
  • Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

Price: USD$5.68

My Opinion:This a set of lush and glamorous lashes that will look really pretty and can be worn when you want your eyes to look bigger or to bring attention to your eyes.


  • Cheap-$5.68 for 10 lashes is extremely economical.
  • Easy To Use-These lashes are of the standard size and might need to be snipped bit at the inner corner,but it is super easy to use.
  • Of Fair Quality/Does not poke you in the eye-Once you cut off the excess part if the lashes are longer for you,these wont poke you in the eye like cheaper lashes tend to do.
  • Compact-I think it requires an extra point for being compactly packed and coming in a case of 10 pairs.


  • When i received the lashes,one of it was bend in a weird shape,i don’t know if it is worth being a con as it can be either a pr5oduction fault or something that happened while being shipped.But i figured I should mention it.

On The Eye:
Here is the lashes in action:

Rating: 4/5(-1 for the weird shaped lash)
If you wanna start wearing eyelashes this will b great for starters.
Buh-Bye For Now!

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