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Colorbar USA Peachy Rose Blush Review

 The Blusher accentuates the cheek area giving a glow to the face.This talc free, silky powder contains a moisture balance formula that is easy to blend and keeps the skin smooth, hydrated and nourished for soft cheeks with just the right hint of color.

Price:Rs 250/-



Available in five shades(listed on site):

  • Plum Brown, 
  • Cosmic Rose, 
  • Fuchsia, 
  • Peachy Rose 
  • Just Earth.

I have heard that there are other shades of most products of Colorbar that are available in shops that arent listed online,so there is a possibility of finding more shades of blushes In-Store.

I have Peachy Rose which is a gorgeous shimmery pink with peach undertones.It is considered as the Dupe for Benefit Coralista.(See Cynth’s Comparison HERE)


It comes in a sleek silver packaging with a brush and a mirror.It has the looks of MAC blush,just that this one is silver not Black like MAC.I also think this one is less sturdy than other Blushes i have (Like Maybelline.Loreal etc.)Many have said that they both are useless,but in my opinion,i have found them both to be good for quick touchup
It has powder formula and has medium amount of fallout.It is super smooth,and buttery to touch.It is rather soft in the pan and hence the fallout and you will get lots of powder loose when you use the brush on it.So there is a slight product wastage.

It has shimmer/sheen to it and it is more of a party look shade.For day to day you will have to use it VERY slightly,otherwise you will look disco-ball-ish from Afar.When worn for night occasion,it gives a real pretty flush to your cheeks and another good thing is that it doesnt accentuate the dry patches on your skin like many powder blushes do.
Staying Power: 
On me,this blush only lasts for 2 hours Maximum when its a cool climate or i am in Air conditioned area.When you wear it out in normal kerala climate(hot,sticky and humid),it stays for half an hour only if i am lucky.

 P.s.the brown marking on my hand is patches of henna design that are fading out…!! 😛

Value For Money:
This is a good part of the product as the product delivers more than the Rs 250/- price tag.So its value for money is very very good.
3.5/5(+Points for good colors and good price tag, -points for bad lasting power)
Will I Repurchase/Recommend This?!: 
If you want a really pretty blush that is affordable,this is your one.If you dont mind shelling out more for a blush,then skip this and go for something better.I would like to purchase more shades from this range and has my eye on fuchsia next.

Buh-Bye For Now!

12 thoughts on “Colorbar USA Peachy Rose Blush Review

  1. hey, even I was about to review this one. This one lasts on me for quite sometime. Yes, if we sweat profusely, it wont stay put. Moreover I have the habit of rubbing my handkerchief on my face 😦
    Thanks for sharing Fathima


  2. @Sadie-i have also reviewd ColorbAR shadows,will review their glosses soon too……!!

    @Nivedita-even i cant keep my karchief off my face..:P 😛 😛

    @Tanz-I know!!But i think that considering the price,this is still a catch..!!

    @Rakshanda-Even i love it too..and Thanks!! 🙂 🙂

    @Palak-i layer it over Maybelline Dream matte Mousse blush in PeachSatin, to make the color more intense…but still doesnt deal with the lasting problem thou…!!

    @Mehak–i love it SO much too!!! the lasting part is rather sad..!! :/ :/


  3. Hi Fathima,
    u r from kerala, rt? can u tell me where u got this blush from or colorbar in general? are they available at goodwill or kallarackkal in ekm?


  4. hi merin!

    Yh i am frm Ekm district itself.. but sadly u can't buy Colorbar anywhere here..I gt a fend to get it fr me frm delhi..!!

    :/ :/

    Everytime i go to makeup counters,i look around to see if colorbar has popped up anywhere her in kerala… if i spot it somewhere…i will definitely do a blog post alert here…. dO Follow me fr heads up if it eve comes to Ekm!


  5. Thanks for the reply, Fathima !

    Keep up the good work, i wish kerala was more makeup literate and makeup more acceptable in “society” too… u know what i mean 😛


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