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NOTD Update~School Uniform Inspired Nailart

As i mentioned in my post yesterday,i did indeed go ahead and add some red accents to my nails to match it unto my school uniform.The base is China Glaze-Knotty shown here.

I used a striper polish from Bornpretty store and first i added just 2 vertical stripes and 1 horizontal stripe-like so:

But then I felt it lacked a little something,so I filled in the tip with the red glitter polish.I have taken various shots with my uniform too,to give you guys an idea about what I was inspired by.(I SWEAR the Macro setting on the cam is making this NOTD,look weirdly unfinished and wobbly,but it looks super fun In Real Life)

I think maybe a black line between the 2 vertical lines would have brought the whole look together better.Maybe next time..!

Until Then,

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