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I want……….

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters!!

I saw these over at Body And soul (above pic is from Body and Soul)and  the review is so great……that i am really really really craving for these babies now.I am a major sucker for pigmented lip balms! I am already in love with the  color burst lipstick i have and this ones promises all that i want in a good lip product!

They are  supposedly as pigmented as lip pies,yet smooth and moisturizing as  Lip balms!
What more can a girl ask for?!

Is anyone else crying at night and praying to god to make the Revlon CB LipButter come to India Soon?!

I think this particular shade would be PARTICULARLY popular here as most of us hate the Matte/loud lippies and prefer the luscious pigmented lips look.

Pray With Me Girls-strength in Unity and all that!

“O Revlon,Shower your CB glory on us,release thy wonderful Lip butter Into our hands!”


Buh-Bye For Now!


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