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Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink Lens From

Brand:Barbie Eye
  Price: $46.90
 Water Content:48%
 Base Curve:8.6
 Life Span:1 Year

Comfort of use:
It is very very comfy, more comfortable than my Bescon Tutti Circle Lens. It feels thinner but  due to this reason itself, I feel like it is rather more difficult to put into the eyes as it tends to curve out in the opposite direction at the most unexpected times.

Color /Effect:
 It looks more Violette/milky brownish at a glance on my black eyes,if you have lighter eyes,this will give you  true bright pink eyes.The Diameter gives some enlargement and the design gives a weird depth to your eyes.

Final Thoughts:This is NOT the lens to wear if you are going for an interview or to a place with lots of elders.But,on a fun day with friends or to a party,wearing this would be a great conversation starter.
You Can Buy This at DBeautyShop.
And Every time you buy a pair of lens,they give you a pair of animal Lens Case for FREE!!! And it is so Damn Cute!!
Buh-Bye For Now!
Product provided by site,It hasn’t affected my opinion as always.Read disclosure policy at the end of the page.

5 thoughts on “Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink Lens From

  1. @Jeeya-thanks!

    @Ana-even i was skeptical at first about how it might look on me.. but it is not a PINK on our dark eyes!

    @Vonnie-i know..even i think so…it looks more lyk a milky purple/violet shade rather than pink..!


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