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Sally Hanses Prismatics~Violet Diamond

 I have been putting off wearing this particular shade because it looked so glittery in the bottle,but on the nails,it is not glittery at all and now i know why all these Nail polish lovers love HOLOS,they RAWK! the multicolor effect is so cool!

You can see what i mean by looking at the below pic.Isn’t it gorgeous?! I feel like Not taking it off.
It goes on super smooth and to a great finish.I did notice that it doesn’t have as smooth a finish as creme Polishes,so you could add a good top coat if you want to,but be warned,if you use a low quality top coat,it will take out the sheen of the holo and make it look weirdly lifeless and the effect will be lost.It does take 2-3 coats to deal with visible nail Line though.
Over all,i am in love with the shade and really really want more holo nail polishes in my stash

Buh-bye For Now!

P.S.Nail polish won from a giveaway from Enamel Girl,not my own purchase.


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