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Why Have i been lacking posts?!+New Daily Series Coming Up

I wont lie,I have like a gazillion purchases and PR samples in my cupboard waiting to be reviewed and 1 or 2 looks to be uploaded.But I am lazy and I have started to feel that my blog is too damn monotonous.So whats the way to spice things up?!
I have decided to do a daily series thing i.e.,a specific kind of post for each day.That ought to keep things interesting for at least a while,right?!
So before the first of these posts are published tomorrow,I wanted to give you guys a run down of what each day and each Series is for.Do remember that there will be random EOTDS,hauls, reviews etc. other than these posts-but these are posts to make me stick to the timetable and blog more.
So the Series are:

  • Makeup Mistake Monday -I think the name pretty much says it all.I will look through recent Hollywood and Bollywood events and pick a horrible look on a well known celeb and do a breakdown on whats wrong with the makeup look and what changes could make it right.         (P.S.I am not going to use this series mock any celebs-I am just trying to show you guys where makeup goes wrong to even the most famous of people and what you can do to make sure it does not happen to you).
  • Tuesday’s Top Three-I will pick a random Niche of makeup~a color,a formula,a finish,or just a product type and feature my favorite amongst them and the reason why they are my favorite.
  • Wishlist Wednesday-Like every other beauty blogger out there,I have an endless wishlist to which products are being added each day.In this feature,I will mention these products that I lust after and I will share info on what makes it so great and the reason why I want it.
  • Tutorial Thursday-I know everyone loves my blog mainly for its tutorials,and I am making it a weekly thing.(I wanted to do more than once a week,but school isn’t making things easy for me at the moment). So please be happy with a single tutorial every Thursday.
  • Face-Off Friday-I will be doing  a face-off between either 2 products or 2 celeb looks(based on my mood) and put up my pointers about which is better and what all makes it better.Kinda like a Weekly Match of the Makeup.
  • Swatch Saturday-This will be like an extended version of the Tuesday’s Top Three(Refer Above)I will feature a particular shade of a particular makeup products and swatch the various shades of it in my collection for a quick shade/finish comparison.
  • Simple Sunday– Since I want to focus my blog on teen girls like me,I wanted to include a day of the week for the beauty newbie.This series will include the most basic of how-tos to help the new makeup lover on how to do basic makeup stuff.
  • Monthly Favorites-I will also be joining the bandwagon on the Monthly Favorites thing that has been going around the beauty blogs,featuring the best makeup,skincare and haircare products you have been loving this month.

None of these series ideas are particularly new to beauty blogosphere and I do not claim so.It is new to this blog and me and most of these serieses have been seen elsewhere.Please do not give me a hard time saying that these series are copies of other bloggers-I know that!

 So are you guys as excited as i am for these as I am?! What are you most excited for?! Lemme Know….!

Buh-Bye For Now!


One thought on “Why Have i been lacking posts?!+New Daily Series Coming Up

  1. Wow that's a whole lot of work to do…good luck!..n no, noone can give u hard-time about copying the topics since the content would be originally urs…otherwise there wouldn't have been so many innovative bloggers out there..everyone has their own style! 🙂
    hope u have a great time and entertain ur readers as always!


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