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Makeup Mistake Monday:Sofia Hayat at mahurat of her new film ‘Bhai Ka Maal Hai’

I wanted to feature a celeb makeup mishap which is common,not easily noticeable and yet makes the whole look seem out of place.People foreign to makeup might wonder what the issue is and the ones who do this mishap might not realize that they are doing it

It is the mistake of “whitening”foundation AKA light shade of foundation and Mask foundation Effect-applying too much foundation on face but not enough on the neck.This might not seem so obvious in the picture as a foundation issue,but you have to agree with me that there is something Amiss about this makeup Sofia is sporting.
What You Can Do,is to NEVER go for lighter shade foundation to make yourself fairer,the color best suited for anyone is their own.Also make sure to wear your foundation and step out in the sun and out of artificial lighting to see the actual shade of the foundation before buying it.

The only part of Hayat’s makeup that I personally liked is here eyes,which looks pretty in the subtle shimmery tan shde and simple liner and mascara.

What do you think?! Do you think that i am wrong and Sofia’s makeup is pretty good? Or do you agree with me about the Foundation issue?!Lemme Know By Leaving a Comment Below! 
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20 thoughts on “Makeup Mistake Monday:Sofia Hayat at mahurat of her new film ‘Bhai Ka Maal Hai’

  1. Beside the foundation gaffe, I think what makes it worse is her discomfort at being poured into a dress that is clearly two sizes too small for her, plus the rest of the makeup is really tacky too – the eyes have just been lined all around with kohl & that lipstick shade does nothing for her.. Plus she seems to have got some weird surgery type look about her – something is off, & it is not just the foundation 😛


  2. She is overall looking a mishap!!! Her lips are looking like having had a bad lip-job-and she really doesnt look comfortable with her assets 😀 Total downer-along with the white face!! 😀 Ans Hey me following you by GFC now 🙂


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