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Tuesday Top Three:Top Three Summer Lipcolors

Since summer has come around,we all are in the mood for fresh juicy summery lip colors and summery  bohemian hairstyles and i am going to share my top three summer lip-colors. I myself prefer to wear minimal makeup,no foundation at all,just a warm blush and a summery pink lip color.I would pop in a colored eyeliner matching my outfit if i am in a fun mood!! Other than that,i dont bother with my makeup in the summer,but instead  prefer to do pretty things with my hair in the summer.

  • Motives Lip gloss in Watermelon

 This lip gloss has a light shimmery finish and gives your lips truly that watermelon-ish color.Its moisturizing and smells good too.As an added bonus,the packaging is super small and sleek and you can carry it around in your jeans pocket if you don’t want to bother carrying a purse around in this sweltering heat!!
  • Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Raspberry

 This color will seem a little garish if worn thickly and alone,but apply this sparingly,bloat and top with a clear gloss and your lips will have that naturally juicy look.Even if you didnt top it with  a clear gloss,people might actually think that your lips are naturally that rosy!! What more could you ask for?! 
  • Elle 18 Lipstick in Pinked Power

    This lipstick is an actual warmer barbie pink shade and when worn with a bare face,it looks kinda Blah..but if you add a touch of warmth,with a bronzer or even a warm pink/coral blush,the color will look more summery and it is Super duper affordable!! 🙂
Here is a comparison swatch of all the three colors:
I hope you all enjoyed my top three Summer Lipcolors and do share what YOU are sporting this sweltering April!!

Buh-Bye For Now!


P.S. Currently on 1 month vacation,so i am taking a bit of time out and doing some posts because i miss doing this so much!

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