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One Week-One Red Polish-4 Nail Looks featuring China Glaze "Hey Sailor"

 I have kept my blog rather official for a while now,but you know what?! I want all of you to know me better.The first thing you all should know is that  I am a very very R.A.N.D.O.M. and impulsive person who likes changing things up A  LOT..! It might make you think that I would super fun and spontaneous,but the thing is my spontaneity often ends up getting on my friends nerves (Oh I Do Know That.. :p).
But a Pro is that it always gets me compliments because,because of my impulsiveness,i tend to experiment with my looks- A Lot.For Example,the last week,i did 4 nail looks during the week and then the fifth day,i cleaned it all up and spend the other 3 days with bare nails with not even clear coat on it.That is my randomness for you.

Coming to the Nails of the week….

I was in a red red mood last day and wanted to try on the china glaze “Hey Sailor” polish.At first i went ahead and put on 2-3 coats and sported it for one day.At that time it looked something like this:

Then i wanted to do something more F.U.N….so i went ahead and did a Strawberry Nail Art on a single finger and sported the Accent Nail Art Look.At that time,it looked something like this and i sported it for One Day:

Then i got bored of the strawberry and wanted to do something in Red and Black,so I went for the Net look,again just as an accent nail.I sported this one for one day too.

Then the NEXT day,I added nets at the tips of the other 4 fingers too,giving it a more completed look,which looked something like this:

And then i removed all of ^This^ and spend the next 3 days including today wearing not even a top coat..! 🙂 🙂

Now you guys know a tiny bit about my randomness!! 🙂

P.S. If You Wanna Know how i did any of the ^Above^ nail arts,just leave a comment!! 🙂 🙂

Buh-Bye For Now!

3 thoughts on “One Week-One Red Polish-4 Nail Looks featuring China Glaze "Hey Sailor"

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