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Fall Love 2013 :Trend Report

I love everything about fall and I hate the fact that we don’t get such a beautiful season in our country.Look at that picture above and tell me you don’t want to witness that yourself.I would give anything to live somewhere,where the leaves turn orange and red,the winds whistle as they swirl by you.Most of…… Continue reading Fall Love 2013 :Trend Report

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Unapolagetic Apology + Choose Your Favorite Look

Yes,I am a very bad blogger.Yes,I have not posted in a while and yes,I feel guilty. The truth is that I started this blog back in 9th grade when I was obsessed with all these things and had no outlet and this was where everything spilled out.But these days,I have more people in my life with…… Continue reading Unapolagetic Apology + Choose Your Favorite Look