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Looks of a trust-worthy blogger(?)

This post actually started off as a comment on one of my favorite blogger’s post, written about half a year ago. I went back to her blog for some reason, and seeing this post piqued my interest all over again. Tanveer over at Addicted to blush talked about her experience about having a reader comment that she did not initially trust Tanveer’s advice because she was, ahem, overweight. But now all that doubts are all gone, because she has lost her weight. 

What a load of …..(Pardon my French) BS..!!

Honestly, I did not find this comment to be particularly shocking, because I have always noticed the fact that the most popular blogs are always people who are something or training to be something in the beauty/fashion field or at least look like movie-stars. People are always more willing to take advice from somebody who “looks” like what they wished they looked like or lives a life which they would like to live. I actually admit the fact that I have spent hours just drooling over pretty bloggers like Mr.JovitaGeorge, Aayushi Dangur, and Cynthia from IVC or even watching videos of people like Michelle Phan, Kassie from Cloudyapples and Elle Fowler. I guess we just can’t help it.

But, no matter what, it is not right to say that X person does not have the right to write or express their views on the internet. It is their personal space and there is always the option of not reading a person’s blog or website if you don’t want to. But more often than not, the normal folks give the more believable and honest opinions about products and experiences because they are not thinking in a PR/monetary mindset. They talk about matters like affordability and value for money. They talk about how much they hate their favorite products finishing upon them and they can’t buy it till they get their next paycheck or the grief of buying something with their hard-earned money and being disappointed by it. For me, that is what blogs should be like-Personal and genuine rather than too professional and polished. This is the reason why I keep coming going back to my favorite blogs time after time. 

This might not be a topic that interests any of you, my readers. But I wanted to write it and so I am writing it. And isn’t that really the whole point of blogging?
Does it matter what I look like?
isn’t my writing what should matter,Ultimately?

Drop me a line and let me know your opinions.


4 thoughts on “Looks of a trust-worthy blogger(?)

  1. While I do find the comment that this person made extremely harsh, I think that being a beauty blogger does rely heavily on imagery. In saying that, I don't think that you need to look like a model, or be a particular size or skin type, or anything like that. When reading reviews, people like to see that the product works the way that you say it does. You say a lipstick applies matte, people would like to see it on your lips to see that you're telling the truth. But that's where it gets tricky, some people do unfortunately and unfairly judge your opinions based on whether or not you look like a model – something that is not relevant to whether or not the product works. I personally prefer a well written review as opposed to something hardly written at all but with lots of pretty pictures, and that's why I choose to read blogs as opposed to watching YouTube. That's probably where people get mixed up – YouTube you can watch pretty girls who (in some cases, not all) can just babble on and become famous, whereas beauty bloggers put in a lot of hard work to write and take pictures, and the effort shows. Some people just don't seem to appreciate it.
    Good topic of discussion though, sorry for my rant!


  2. Hey Jasmine,
    These rants are exactly what I wanted out of this post.
    Sure, beauty blogging does rely on photos and what not.
    But it doesn't justify the fact that people expect you to look a certain way because you choose to write about beauty products. The people who read the blog posts are normal people,but they still expect their trustworthy bloggers to look like celebrities. That is what puts me off. Most of the blog posts written but our favorite bloggers would have been written in pjs nd ratty night dresses.

    And most of all, nobody remembers that blogs are like magazines, not TV. Do we ever know what our favorite beauty writers in magazines look like? But we do trust their opinions and drink up their suggestions.


  3. While I trust wat my fav bloggers say abt a product . . . for the swatches I look for bloggers whose skintone resemble mine . . . Ultimately its them who decide if am gonna buy a product or not.


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