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Freida Pinto At Saint Laurent Premier + Look Breakdown for dummies

And so it begins,

Freida Pinto, one of the L’Oreal Ambassadors, made this year’s debut on the Cannes Redcarpet wearing a custom Micheal Kors Number. Her look was finished off with sleek movie star wavy hair, a brown lined eyes and sported literally “Blazing Red” lips.

What do I think of this look?
How did she get this look?

Although the dress does look pretty great, I expected something more for the Cannes red carpet. I mean its INTERNATIONAL for god’s sakes! This is where you pull out all the stops. I expected her to be in something more grand, something less “Prom-Night right” and more ” Red Carpet Magic”.  I sure hope, she is saving the better ones for the last.

What I do love is how gorgeous her hair looks!! :O
That sure is the old hollywood waves, right there. Her hair is done by Stephane Lancien,who you can see in this picture:

I am also very much in love with her gorgeous neutral brown eye makeup, that makes her eyes sparkle and the fierce red lips.

And if you want to recreate this look, this is the breakdown from the @LorealParisIn ,
If you are a begginer confused about how this look has been achieved, they have basically applied the hourglass beige shadow all over her lids and tight lined her upper and bottom waterline with some black liner, and then, used the glamour gold, which looks like a blackened gold on the bottom lashline. She has also applied what looks like individual lashes, or a really volumising mascara.

So, what do you think of this look?
Do you love this?

Who are YOU waiting to see on the Cannes Redcarpet.
All of you know that I am JUST going berserk (thats my favorite word now) to see Sonam K. on the red carpet. Just seeing this picture of her in my newsfeed is enough to make me go crazy!

Look Look..!! 
Seems like they are really pushing the “blazing red” lipstick, aren’t they?
That is the french actress Leila Bekhti with her.
I am loving the red lips, her pulled back hair and the outfit as well, and look how they have highlighted her upper arms and decolletage.

So, that’s it for now!

I am in the middle of my exams, and will not be posting as much as i would like to. But you know that it is very hard to keep away when the CANNES festival is happening, of all the things.
So I’ll be around…

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4 thoughts on “Freida Pinto At Saint Laurent Premier + Look Breakdown for dummies

  1. Me Either. I do not find her purticularly talented compared to so many other actresses from India,but she gets so much attention!!

    I think the gown is exquisite and the hair is really my favorite of the whole outfit!


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