Back When I Started..Blogging…

  We all have those stories and conversations. Back when…I was in school…, Back when..I was a kid…, well this is one of such post. I guess I am one of those bloggers who started blogging back when beauty and fashion blogging was a novel concept in India. These days beauty and fashion bloggers are a dime…… Continue reading Back When I Started..Blogging…


How I Keep My Room Organized +DIY Ideas

I am not the most organized person you will ever know. To be honest, my room looks like a pig sty most of the time.Hint:It does NOT look like this:But recently, I have been trying to make everything more organized and presentable. For that, I have made some good use of pinterest to do some…… Continue reading How I Keep My Room Organized +DIY Ideas

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My Cannes Red Carpet Worthy Makeup Look

 I know that this post has been WAY delayed and almost all of us are losing our Cannes fever already.But I wanted to do this look featuring my best friend-  Amy, you might have seen her eyes being featured in one of my most popular post on finding your signature eyeliner style.But you know how…… Continue reading My Cannes Red Carpet Worthy Makeup Look