How I Keep My Room Organized +DIY Ideas

I am not the most organized person you will ever know. To be honest, my room looks like a pig sty most of the time.
It does NOT look like this:
But recently, I have been trying to make everything more organized and presentable. For that, I have made some good use of pinterest to do some DIY ideas, and you can see all that in this post.
By The way, Go join my DIY board on pinterest here.
*Insert blatant self promotion face here*
I pin some cool stuff, I swear!!
Now how do I actually store my stuff?

Well, this is the cupboard in which I keep almost all of my stuff, including my clothes, accessories,hair stuff, and my makeup.
I know it is not much to look at, but it is an efficient safe and with a little bit of adjustment, I can fit almost everything inside it.
And this is how it looks, when it is opened up.

First up, on the hanging section I keep all my best clothes including anarkalis and party wear gowns and two of my ironed college uniforms. I also keep a hanger containing all my scarves and another hanger to hang all my long necklaces.
 I tie all the scarves in this form and hang it so that I can find everything at one go. 
Beneath the hanging section, I keep a blue collapsible box which I picked up from Westside, to store all my favorite bags and clutches. This keeps everything in once place and keeps everything nice and tucked away.
  On the door of the cupboard, I used a cardboard piece, and glued some thick foam onto its back at all the corners, and then stuck it to inside of the door using double sided tape, and made holes in it using safety pins to keep all my hanging earring collection.
 The collections has grown larger by a lot since I took this photos,though.
On the second section of the other side, I keep almost all my other accessory and getting ready stuff.
 Including my daily makeup necessities, ring collection, watch and bangle/bracelet storage,hair stuff,pins, and some random things.
I use this swivel office supply storage thingie to store all my favorite lipsticks, colored liners and mascaras which I use more often. I keep all my base makeup, blushed,eyeshadows and lashes on the top level. I have not taken its pictures this time as it was pretty messy. I will try to do another entire post on those things.

 Like almost all the makeup crazy girls, I store my favorite brushes and tools in a pretty waterglass which is too pretty to be used for rough purposes.

To store all my bangles, I have made a DIY project using an old magazine.I simply rolled the magazine into a giant cylinder, and taped it around. I then used a page I had taken out from it before hand and glued it to cover the magazine. Then I use it like a normal bangle stand.
Easy peasy!! 

To store my watches, I covered an old glass bottle with some paint left over from painting the room and covered it. Once it was dry, I simply put my watched on the bottle, once after the other.

You can see my most prized possession, i.e., my eiffel tower table lamp on my study desk behind the bottle. By the way, the bottle I used is actually a Maggi Tomato Ketchup bottle. Here is the proof: 
 To store my rings, I did another DIY project, which you can find here, as I don’t know how to explain how to do it. 
I also use it to to store my studs.
 I also use an old toothpick bottle to keep my hair elastics and pins.
I use the bottom part to keep all the hair ties and the lid to store all my safety pins.

I keep all my other casual clothes nice and tucked away in the next two sections. On the bottom level, I keep all my undergarments and I also have a small cardboard box in there which serves the purpose of my undwear laundry basket. In this level, I also keep my sanitary products hidden away, behind the laundry basket.
I am all for efficiency girls!  So that’s it for now!

I would love it if you could let me know how YOU keep your stuff organized.
Drop me a line!


6 thoughts on “How I Keep My Room Organized +DIY Ideas

  1. Love this post Fathima! I'm always on the look out for easy organizing ideas! Especially loved the way that you have organized your bracelets and watches. Keeping it upright is better than keeping is horizontal, which is what I was doing. But how do you keep it from slipping off one side?
    Also, where did you get the swivel desk organizer thingy? Been looking for one for a while now.


  2. What I do to keep it from running off, is by putting a small bangle which I dont always use on it. So, it will be very tight, but it will prevent the other ones from slipping off.

    And about the swivel organizer thingie, I honestly have no idea where I got it from. It used to belong to my dad, but he had stopped using it, so I took it over.

    But I am pretty sure you can find those in almost all office supplies stores. Try flipkart, they have pretty great desk organizers, even though they are not the swivel kind..


  3. I love how you have everything so organized. I think the earring idea was fantastic. Let's face it, my bedroom at home is a mess right now. I have been so busy the last month or so that I have done nothing in there. Hopefully this weekend I can tackle the mess and get things organized again! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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