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Take a few steps in my flat red faux oxfords and see..

I am a fashion freak! But I guess none of you readers know that since I have refrained from posting my outfit pictures because, well I always thought I would have to wear it to show it. But thanks to instagram and the “this what I wore today culture”, I can essentially show off what I wore today. 
You can be on the look out for more such posts. 

I bought the red tunic top back right after tenth grade and had kept it aside for a while, but started reusing it recently. And the jean is my most recent purchase as I desperately needed a dark washed jeans and this is the one that caught my fancy. 
I paired it with my bhabhi’s red and black oxford flats which she bought online, which I had been eyeing for a while now. 
I wore a pair of cute cute red apple earrings with this outfit,

A cute red stoned ring which my brother bought from Thailand (which has lost its stones, yes I know!)
and three random wooden bangles which I picked up from here and there. 
I also paired this outfit with a dark blue and black striped scarf to complete the look. 

Jeans: Spykar Jeans-Selena
Tunic Top: Allieds Textiles, Kodungalloor,
Shoes: Lovely Chick Women Shoes,
Shawl & Accessories: God Knows Where exactly!! 😛 

So, what do you think of my ootd?
Is it okay if I do such outfit posts?
Would this be something you would like to see on a regular basis?
Let me know! 

P.S. Did you check out my bestie’s outfit post on our joint blog?? If you havent, go here


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