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Pink For A Cause #PinktoberCollab 2014

If you haven’t read my introduction post to this series yet, I urge you to go read it here. But in a nutshell, this blog tag is meant to raise awareness about breast cancer, in honor of this being Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This is my #PinktoberCollab Post.
Before I get into anything about what this is and the other bloggers associated with this, Read this the following information.

Not everyone develops breast cancer.
There are certain risk factors:
  • Sex- females have higher risk of getting breast cancers
  • Age-risk increases as one grows older
  • Genetic-5%-10% are hereditary
  • Family history-having a first degree relative with bravest cancer doubles a women s risk of getting breast cancer.
  • Personal history-a women with breast cancer in one breast has 4 times chance of developing breast cancer in the other breast
  • Race- more common among white women .
  • Women who have not yet have their first child after 30 yrs
  • Some hormonal therapies
  • Other benign breast conditions
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Being overweight after menopause
  • Decrease physical activity
Signs and symptoms –
  • Breast lump or mass.
  • Breast skin dimpling
  • Nipple retraction
  • Redness,thickening or breast skin
  • Nipple discharge other than milk
Early detection-
  • Lie down on your back
  • Right hand behind head
  • Use left Palm to feel for lumps on right breast and vice versa.
  • Check up to collarbone ,armpit,middle chest and lower rib.
1.Breast self examination
2.Regular gynecologist visit is advised.

These are all information that every woman should know and follow. 
If you would like to know more about this outfit I put together, and also about information on this tag series, and posts by other bloggers, read on till the end of this article.

First off, How can you achieve this look?
First apply an eye shadow base all over the eyelid and blend it out.

 Take a light highlight shade and apply it right under the eyebrows and to the inner corner of the eyes. 
  Take a dark pink shade of pink and using a short bristled eye shadow shader brush and apply it in the crease.
Take a larger fluffier brush and use the same shade of color to blend the stark edge out.

Using a flat shader brush itself, take a milky pink color and apply it on the lid in a patting motion.

Next up, use a white face paint,and add some pink pigment to it and using a thin lipbrush or artist’s brush, create a pink ribbon logo on the cheekbone.

Apply some kajal on the top and bottom lash line and using a pink eye shadow smudge out the kajal on the bottom lash line using a pencil brush. Also apply a generous amount of mascara and this completes the makeup look.
I paired this look with matte foundation,no blush and a hot pink lipstick.

Now, what is this #PinktoberCollab?

We feel like the onset of instagram,twitter and professionalized blogging and the creation of cyber celebrities has seriously depleted the community feeling of blogs. We started this  blog tag for #Pinktober which will be going on till the end of this month. It will help create awareness about breast cancer, create a sense of community like in our earlier times and help provide traffic from each other. 
Although many people have started saying that simple awareness campaigns are futile, and that everybody knows about breast cancer and so on, it is not so in our country. Sure, all women know about breast cancer, but they still think that it is something that happens to someone else. But a lot of us are at risk and a lot can be done by early detection. If you would like to know more about breast cancer, please check out
Our idea for the Pinktober post, is to do something pink ,which falls within the usual theme of the blog.. For example, I would do a pink makeup look, a fashion blogger could do a pink outfit etc. If someone predominantly do cooking posts, they could do a recipe that gives a pink result, like Macaroons, cake, or something along those lines. And along with this post, they will include information about the cause. After that, you will include a link and picture to the post of the person that tagged you and tag 2-5 of your blogger friends to do the same. The posts have to be uploaded within the month of October, preferably within a week of being tagged so that the people you tag can also do their posts within the month itself. This series also includes a dozen other bloggers, who we hope will further tag their blogger friends and help to reach this to a wider range of readers.

Now, who are the other people I have tagged to do the posts?
Go check out and subscribe to these ladies if you already haven’t, and keep an eye out for their post in these series. Not to ruin the surprise, but there are some fashion posts,product reviews, recipes,makeup posts and more coming up. 


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