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Fashion with Khadi

       Khādī or khaddar is something that started off as a political movement in the Asian subcontinent and has metamorphosed into a fashion statement and wardrobe staple for the modern Indian. By definition, Khādī is a handspun fabric made using a spinning wheel (charka) and uses wool, silk and cotton as raw materials. 
      Khadhi has essentially come of age and become a global phenomenon in the last 5 years or so, with designers like Gaurang Shah displaying khadhi incorporated designs at Berlin Fashion Week, Sabyasachi displaying Khadhi bridal lehengas at Delhi Couture Week.  Khadhi’s climb up the fashion ladder began in 2001, when the minister of small scale businesses roped in Rohit Bal and Malini Ramani to design the clothes made by government run khadhi stores. 
Now you wonder, Why Khadhi? 

Gaurang Shah At Berlin Fashion Week

Well, here are a few of its pros:
  • Khadhi has an extraordinary finish and unique texture. The texture is unique and hence one piece of fabric may look completely different from the next. 
  • Khadhi cotton is the softest and has the most luxurious finish.  Designers say that Khadhi is extremely versatile. Khadhi sarees are easy to drape if they are not starched. It can hold its structure well, when used in formal wear like trousers, vests etc. The added benefit is that Khadhi is extremely comfortable for the wearer as well. 
  • In a world where people are trying their hardest to improve environmental awareness, Khadhi is the best fabric for the modern man. Since khadhi is handspun, it does not utilize or waste any energy or give any harmful byproducts, unlike many other commercial fabrics.  An added benefit is that it only uses raw materials that are naturally available and is renewable, such as cotton, silk and wool. 
  • Since a lot of common fabrics are made from synthetic materials, people may experience allergies. But Khadhi is a fabric that does not create any allergies or side effects whatsoever. It can essentially be said that Khadhi is naturally in sync with the living body. 
  • Khadhi has an extremely unique property of regulating body temperature. In hot climates, it will be cool and in winter seasons, it can become warm. 
  • The best part of wearing khadhi is that you are doing a good deed, simply by choosing to wear it. Khadhi is completely handspun, and hence is a thriving cottage industry.  The increase in demand for khadhi has created a lot of employment opportunities for people, women especially, in rural areas. 

The next question to arise might be where you can purchase khadhi from? 
  • If you are interested in buying khadhi fabric, suitable for your original design, Khadhi Gramodhyog bhavans are your best bet. They stock every possible type, finish and color of Khadhi available. There is also the added benefit that the money you pay will reach the deserved, without going through too many middlemen.  
  • Retails brands like Fabindia, Shopper’s Stop have started partnering up with Khadhi Bhavans to bring khadhi clothes to the commercial shopper. They aim to maximize the use of this fabric, by making it more accessible and attractive to even the most worldly of shoppers. 
  • If you are fashion label person, the options to purchase khadhi designed by reknowned designers like Rohit Bal, Gaurang Shah, Ritu Kumar, Wendell Rodricks, Rahul Misra, Namrata Soni and even Sabyasachi is a viable option.

But the biggest confusion of all is how one can wear Khadhi in their day to day life.  Khadhi is relatively cheap and is available in a myriad of clothing options. The choice of what to wear depends on individual choice and style. Here are a few pointers on the options:

  • If you are a person who likes to wear kurtas or churidars on a daily basis, khadhi has a whole range of them in all shades imaginable.  The best idea would be to select and buy materials for your kurta and bottoms separately.
  • Readymade kurtas from Fabindia and Shopper’s stop has a wide range made from Khadhi fabric. This is an option for the ones who prefer buying readymade pieces. 
  • The latest craze in ethnic wear is long Pakistani shalwars. In Pakistan, Khadhi is the favorite choice of material for making this type of Shalwar Kameez. The Pakistani khadhi material is similar to the lawn material that is more popularly known. This long type churidar is quickly being imported into India and is the best trend to wear to formal or semiformal events.
  • Khadhi shirts, vests, trousers and even suits sets are available options for boys to wear. Shades like blues and purples are particular shades that look amazing in the khadhi texture. 
  • Khadhi skirts are an option for girls who want to wear it in a more casual setting.
  • The best way to wear Khadhi for ladies is in sarees. If you are old enough to wear saree, or have functions where you will have to do so, Khadhi is your best option.  As previously mentioned, khadhi sarees are easy to drape and maintain if it is not starched too much. 

So, how ready are you to switch to khadhi ? 
Are you ready to do well for yourself and others, while looking trendy? 
Drop me a line and let me know! 🙂 

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