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Girl Talk | 8 Girls Share Their Skin Essentials And Routines (Part 2)

I hope I find you all good and well,
AND I hope you’ve read the previous post in the series. 
If not, I urge you to go read it here.  

In a nutshell, I’ve gotten 8 of the prettiest women I know, to spill their beans about their skin care, routine and regimens.  
The first 4 ladies were featured in the previous post, but now its time for the next four ladies.

P.S.  This post contains two favorite bloggers too!! 

Tanveer of Addicted To Blush

Tanveer is one of the first bloggers I ever started reading, around 4-5 years ago. With her degree in Microbiology, and interest in chemistry this lady reads labels and cross evaluates new products like a ninja. Her myth busters, DIY, and look breakdown post are somethings I look forward to especially.
Now, What is the secret behind the great skin of the first beauty blogger from India?

Tanveer’s favorite products include:
  • Lavender Essential Oil which she uses for all skin wounds, mosquito bites etc.
  • La Roche -Posay SPF 50 Sunscreen which she got from Paris. Tanveer swears by this sunscreen and says that it is extremely water resistant and works for sensitive skin too. It has dramatically reduced the rate at which she tans these days.  The product does leave a white cast and takes time to blend, but is completely worth the extra effort.
  • Jovees Papaya & Honey Mud Scrub is in her own words, “Effective and cheap!”
Tanveer’s Morning routine is simple and in two steps:

1. Cream cleansing: She uses either Nivea, Jergens or Ponds Cold Cream to cleanse her face!! She applies a thin layer, let it seep for 5 minutes and washes it off using excess using water.  (THAT is an Idea I have never thought of trying!!)
2. She applies Washed Ghee cream as moisturizer. (Go on over to her blog Addicted to Blush to read how she made the washed ghee cream)  If going out in the sun, she instead uses sunscreen and skips the moisturizer

Tanveer’s Evening routine is as simple as her morning routine,

1. Cream cleansing: same as morning to take off makeup & dirt, only difference is that she massages her skin for about 20 minutes.
2. Apply washed ghee as cream
3. If her skin feels like it needs extra nourishment, she tops it off with either Lacto Calamine Reneu or Bipha Saffron cream.
4. Lastly, she applies Biotique Berry Lip balm for lips

Weekly routine:
1. Once a week she use Jovees papaya & honey mask for exfoliation
2. If she is ever in the mood for some pampering – she also use Forest Essentials Tejasvi Ubtan made in milk or curd as face pack

Favourite Beauty Parlor Services:
Surprisingly Tanveer hasn’t been to a parlour for almost 3 years now. She even does her eyebrows at home. To quote her, “I don’t trust the quality of the products these places claim to use, and feel it is better to buy good quality products myself and use them at home.” (Well said dear!)

Tanveer has two tips she would like to give to us girls,  
1. Eat well. Your skin reflects what you eat the most. Skincare products are just like icing on the cake. If the base is not built well, the toppings won’t help! Eat good quality fat & animal protein as a part of your diet.
2. Don’t use harsh products. She stopped using soapy face-washes over 2 years ago as she felt like no matter how gentle, they were stripping her skin of moisture. She only use oil based cream cleansers and her skin does look better for it!

Zeba Shanas

Zeba Shanas is my second cousin and I must confess, I have idolized this lady and dear friend at times. She has impeccable skin, a great sense of style and a smile that can halt a crowd! She is 22, happily married and is a mommy to be! She loves  handbags and shoes (naturally!) and is currently waiting for her Naked 3 Palette to arrive from UAE (I guess the makeup craze just runs in the family) 

Now what are Zeba’s favorite skin care products?

  1. Bioderma SPF 100 Sunscreen
  2. Lush Bubblegum Lipscrub
  3. Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
  4. Burt’s bees Lipbalm
  5. The Nature Company: Pedicure set
  6. St.Ives Scrub
  7. Clinique Cleanse Tone Moisturizer Set

Now, what are the regimens that Zeba follows to keep her skin looking fresh and radiant?

  • For one thing, Zeb always makes sure to consult her dermatologist for any discoloration, breakout etc. 
  • As for her morning routine, she likes to keep things simple by letting her skin breathe. Her routine is just to wash her face with a face wash and the Sephora Face Complexion brush
  • If she is going out, she makes sure to apply a good sunscreen (Like the Bioderma or the Neutrogena SPF 50+ Sunscreen) all over her face and any other parts exposed to the sun, ten minutes before stepping out.
  • She never goes to bed with any kind of makeup on; she makes sure to cleanse tone and moisturize using the Clinique set and to use a TBS Serum and Eyecream every night before bed.
  • She always tries to take care of her whole body, not just her face by applying moisturizing creams, body butters from The Body Shop, Bath and Body works and to apply a body oil or cream right after showering each day.  
  • In the weekends when she gets time, she likes to do pedicure with TNC Pedicure set, or apply curd to her face, or even do a hair spa.
  • She also swears by taking the right multivitamins every single day.
  • As for parlor/professional treatments, she likes to hair spas, mani pedis and body polishing from her favorite parlor Sajith and Sujith at Kadavantra. If she feels like her skin is looking especially dull from sun exposure or pollution, she does the occasional chemical peel after consultation with her dermatologist. 
By the way, this girl’s engagement makeup was handsdown the best makeup I have seen yet! I know we all love watching engagement/wedding videos! So here you go:

Bharti Puri Of Crazy Pop Lock 

Bharti’s blog is one blog I LOVE reading! This girl is funny and I love her dog! Seriously, go take a look here and tell me you don’t think her dog is not awesome!!  Bharti is quite a lot of things,Anime lover, galaxy editing pro, lingerie addict, a Korean food connoisseur and dark lipstick collector.
Now what are the things that Bharti would like to tell us about her skin care?

  • First and foremost,Bharti had dry combination skin and she is really into Korean brands like Innisfree, Etude House etc. 
  • For morning, she cleanses uses Clariwash facewash, which is available at most medical stores for INR 125. She follows it up with Innisfree green tea lotion for moisturizing and the Anthelios XL SPF 50 Extreme fluid from La Roche Posey.
  • Her usual skin car routine is Cleanse, tone and moisturize for each night.  For cleansing and moisturizing she uses the same products as morning and the toner of choice is the Innis free green tea toner.
  • She likes to treat her skin whenever she can during her night routine by mixing her toner with Innisfree Vitamin C cream and massaging her face for around 5 minutes.
  • She tries to go to her local parlour atleast once every month to do face cleansing  
  • She also confesses that sometimes she gets lazy with doing these things, but she tries to be as regular as she can be.

Parvathy Shyju

Parvathy is FUN in a tiny packaging. She is actually best friend’s classmate and although we haven’t studied together, I am actually friendlier with her than my actual classmates. She is a fashion designing students and loves pampering herself and dressing herself well.
Now what are the steps that Parvathy likes to follow to keep her looking good?
  • She admits that she does not follow a strict set routine, but rather makes sure to wash her face at least 5-6 times daily and to use her favorite beauty products.
  • She swears by applying The Body Shop Vitamin E Face cream before going to sleep every night.
  • She also likes to make a homemade mask of oats and potato and to apply it twice a week to get softer skin, it also acts to lighten the skin.
  • Her daily must haves are her  TBS Vitamin E Facewash and Jergens moisturizer.
  • She likes to take care of her body by using the TBS White Musk Smokey Rose Body Wash and also by using the Strawberry body scrub twice a week
  • Whenever there is a function, she likes to get the occasional clean up and her favorite Parlour is Polonica at Kakkanad.
And with a peek into Parvathy’s usual skincare routine, we have come to the end of this series!  I CANNOT tell you just how much I enjoyed doing these posts.
Would you like it if I make this into a monthly series called Girl Talk with different women sharing similarly on different topics? 

Do drop me a line and let me know! 


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