30 Random Facts About Me


If you are surprised at what my blog looks like and the switch to wordpress.com, this has been on my mind for a long time now, but I got around to doing it recently.  Something else that has happend recently is that my lovely cousin Namitha from www.namispage.com tagged me to do this 30 random facts about me post. After a bout of , “Who would want to know about poor old me” I started thinking, maybe its a great starter post to put up on my new and improved blog. So here goes:

  1. I have an obsession with the number 7. I was born on the 7th of December, my first name has 7 letters and I have a personal belief that ‘7’ is lucky for me. So I always hope to find a “7” connection in important numbers like my exam registration number, phone numbers etc.
  2. I have a thing for old movies and vintage fashion. I love Audrey Hepburn like fashion that I still find to be timelessly elegant and I wish all of us took more effort to look as coiffed as people did in the era before the 60s.
  3. I am an absolute coffee and tea lover. I end up having two cups of coffee and tea every day and i am currently trying to cut down on my coffee and replacing it with green tea.
  4. Call me a cry baby, but I get very emotional and cry if I watch touching movies, hear beautiful songs, and I even end up crying at weddings every time.
  5. Talking about weddings, I LOVE everything wedding So much so that I actually have a quite extensive wedding card collection.
  6. I am very loud in person!! I love talking and the more excited I am about something the louder I get. I guess that might put me in the annoying personality type at times.
  7. I was very reserved till the end of high school. I never used to let loose and dance with my friends even when I went for school excursions. When I got to college, I somehow developed a more relaxed attitude when it comes to actually losing me in a moment and having fun with my friends, dancing, singing, howling, whatever it be and I am glad it happened no matter how late.
  8. My makeup obsession started with the makeup advertisements I used to stare at for hours in the Gulf News Weekend Supplement, The Friday Magazine.
  9. As clichéd as it is, I have to confess The Devil Wears Prada made me realize that I want to end up working in a fashion magazine in my life ( I do work in a lifestyle magazine now, so I am trying to make my way there)
  10. I cannot stand seafood. Even though I might occasionally have a little bit of fried fish, I’d take boiled vegetables over seafood anyday. Furthermore, I cannot stand the smell of Mussels or Crab and have to eat somewhere else if someone is eating these in the vicinity.
  11. Even though I love my fast food, I am a person who loves her salads and I find good salads tossed in yummy vinaigrettes to be the most satisfying meal.
  12. I wanted to get a designing degree and become a fashion stylist, and never thought I’d end up becoming a writer. But after my 10th grade, I realize I needed to learn more math and things like that to go for designing and somehow I started focussing on joining for a journalism course.
  13. My biggest dream is to go to Paris, France. I believe it started when I saw the Eiffel Tower table lamp that my cousin/namitha’s mom ( the one behind namispage.com) gave my mom. I was maybe 3 years old at the time and the desire to visit Paris grew with me, fuelled further by movies like Midnight in Paris.
  14. I was a person who wanted to get out of kerala as soon as I can. I still want to move away, at least to experience making a life in another place, but I have grown to love Kochi like it’s a dear friend and it still surprises me every day.
  15. I love sugary things, but I am dead scared of developing diabetes like my dad. So I don’t take sugar with coffee or tea, or even fruit juices. I have developed quite a taste for going sugarless on a daily basis with an occasional treat of sweet desserts or snacks.
  16. I love bright colours when it comes to my wardrobe. I am not one for wear dull shades. I like wearing bright shades or light colours on gloomy days to feel more upbeat.
  17. I am oddly flexible, even though I am on the overweight side. I can make my feet touch my head and do a lot of complicated yoga Asanas like a boss( even though I don’t practice yoga regularly)
  18. The first full length book I read was the complete Sherlock Holmes series when I was 9 or 10. My brother had a complete Sherlock Holmes collection, which was the first “big book” I read. I only read Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Enid Blyton books and Harry Potter Series after this.
  19. I love Mythology and have read a lot about it. My favourite mythologies are obviously Greek, but also Roman, Egyptian, Nordic and Of course Indian. ( I know more than 30 Greek Gods names atleast and most of their back stories)
  20. I do not know how to handle any vehicles, yes! Not even a bicycle.
  21. I love the colour turquoise, especially when combines with White, which is why whole of my room is an explosion of these colours.
  22. I have a big earring collection, the oldest earring that I bought myself was from 2005, but the oldest ever I have was bought by my mom 25 years ago.
  23. I am a very impulsive person, who often starts projects but does not follow through. Some examples are drawing classes, violin lessons, guitar classes, and the list goes on and on and on.
  24. I am trained carnatic music singer, I studied Carnatic for four years and then my classes stopped when my music teacher got married and relocated.
  25. I love piercings- I have 5 piercings in each ear and hopes to make it 7 on each ear and get a nose stud someday too.
  26. I love stationery and I hoard them even though I never end up writing in them as much as i want to (see, point number 23)
  27. I am very particular on getting somewhere on time and often start getting overly anxious if I am late, even if it is to informal things.
  28. My cousin had taken a photo of me when I was about 2 or 3 that ended up being used by the Abu Dhabi Municipality for a greetings card.
  29. I have three songs that I sing when people ask me to sing- Top Of The World By Carpenters, Rolling In The Deep By Adele and Old Hindi Song Khajra Mohabbat Wala
  30. I am dead scared of snakes. Any mention of them makes me feel rather queasy. I have even yelled out in my sleep and scared my whole family because I dreamt of a snake.

That’s all for now folks! If you read till here, leave a comment saying “Hi, New BQD!”



2 thoughts on “30 Random Facts About Me

  1. Read them all and was astounded at the things we had in common. Well, a few were absolutely extremes too! Let us see, coffee/tea lover, reserved in school changed in college, Salad any day, wanted a designer degree but now more of a writer. Journalism was another dream well I’m in CA field now. Wanted to leave Kerala, love bright colors, Big earrings collection, impulsive person who left my music, guitar, painting lessons etc halfway through. Trained carnatic singer for around 10-12 years I guess with lots of breaks in between. Love piercings but got only 2 pairs yet & a nose pin. Rest on its way.

    As for the contrasts, I find snakes mesmerising and I am not much of a punctual person. I’d love to see the childhood pic of yours that was used in the greetings 🙂


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