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The Story Of My Wedding Invitation Collection + 5 Of My Favorites From The Collection


I don’t know how old I was when I realized I had a strange fascination for weddings. Unlike my peers, I don’t love it just for its clothes or its décor. I love weddings in their entirety, both for the celebration that it is, and also for the fact that it is the ultimate symbol of two people’s love and commitment for each other. Weddings are perhaps the most beautiful day in a person’s life and I love being a part of weddings. In the recent past, my love for weddings has grown so much so that I have developed a rather strange habit of collecting wedding invitations. While others might collect coins or stamps, I prefer wedding cards.

I love stationery and good quality paper on any given day and when you combine it with the institution of weddings, a wedding invitation means much much more to me. I have no particular prerequisites as to the kind of wedding invitations I collect. No, they don’t need to be addressed to me. Most of the beautiful cards I have were given to my aunt, my brother or in one case, directly obtained from the groom’s sister, even though I wasn’t invited to the wedding at the time. Over the last 6 months- 1 year I have collected nearly 15-20 wedding invites all unique in their own way.

The following are my top favorites out of my current collection:

Design 1:

Designed by a close family friend and photographer for his own wedding, I love this wedding invite for it’s old school flowery appeal. The paper if of relative thickness and has a vintage colour and finish that I am a big fan of. It reminds me of a wedding invite from the `1890s England.

Design 2:

This hot pink and gold wedding invite is my close friend and favourite instagrammer @shanakutty’s wedding invite. Shana is someone who knows what she likes and knows how to add the right amount of luxury to a simple and elegant card. The stand out factors of this invite is the Arabic inspired font used and the surprisingly bright hot pink colour of the inner leafs.

Design 3:


This invitation to my brother’s friend’s betrothal is a sophisticated affair. The rich blue color, gold lettering exudes a rich look, while the texture of the paper itself gives it an extra something.

Design 4:


Designed by my dear friend and Assistant editor to FWD Life magazine Atheena Wilson on the occasion of her brother’s wedding, this card is my current favorite out of the lot.  Being the walking talking design machine that she is, it figures that she’d end up being the one who designed her brother’s wedding invite.  Right from Ms.Wilson’s mouth:

“If there is anything funny about weddings, it’s how it always revolves around food. While I was designing the invitation for my brother, I asked him for the color palette. This is how it went, “brown like amma’s chocolate cakes and yellow like lemons.” I think that was the simplest brief, and hither the wedding card. I absolutely loved designing it for him!”

For me personally, the most aspect of the wedding card was just how much peek-a-boo action was going on with the card. The print of flowers inside the solid envelope, the way the printed card stock covers the inner text of the wedding invite and most importantly, the lyrics to Jack Johnsons’ Better Together that you’d never notice unless you look close enough.

Design 5:

This card is somewhere along the middle ground for me. Not exactly a favourite, but it includes some things that I really like. First off, the size of the card is off putting to me as I always prefer a smaller general greeting card sized wedding invitation. The invite cover is also quite flimsy and has a metallic sheen that I do not like. However, the floral pattern on the back of the design is pretty, so is the illustrated design on the insides leafs. There are a lot of designs going on with this invite and I wish they had stuck to one simple theme throughout the card and could have come up with a really unique and beautiful invitation.

If you enjoyed reading this post about my quirky little collection of wedding invites, do let me know your thoughts by sending me a message or leaving a comment.




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