Who How and What to Wear at Your Wedding and To A Wedding October- November 2016


I cannot count the times I’ve heard the sentence “I can’t wait to attend your wedding”, even though nothing is in the works for my nuptials yet. For those who know me well enough, they can easily figure out why I’ve heard this so much; I LOVE weddings. I adore wedding and love discussing wedding details. So everyone expects my wedding to be an occasion to look forward to (*gulp* Like I’m not hard enough on myself already)

Even though I have no upcoming wedding in the family, I am usually up to date with the latest trend when it comes to makeup and often get a lot of queries about the same from brides and wedding attendees alike.

I thought I’d make my job easier by just doing a blog post occasionally (maybe every two months) on what colors, silhouettes, makeup trends and more to watch out for this wedding season.

Now the following are the things you can find in this post:

  • Colour Palette
  • Bridal Silouhettes
  • Makeup Trends
  • Wedding Guest Fashion
  • Random Must Know Wedding Details- Indian wedding registry, invitation trends

Color Palette

For the October-November 2016 brides and wedding guests alike, your palette of choice should be “Muted Pastels”

Muted Pastels


Muted shades of the much adored pastel palette are the go to colors this season, from muted shades of dusty pink, icy blue, mint greens to lilac and off white. Basically, think of colors that are the subtle versions of the pastel favorites. From Anamika Khanna to Rahul Mishra, the palettes of choice at the recently concluded India Couture Week 2016 had most designers opting for similar palettes as these.

The following are some of outfits in the colour scheme for bride to be’s to consider:


Silouhettes and Embellishment:

When it comes to silouhettes for a bride, an A -line skirt with choli is still going strong, but flowy silouhettes are the stars, so look out for details like:

  • Long trains with handwork a la Pakistani brides have recently become extremely popular in kerala with muslim brides

On a national scale, the following are the currently popular trends:

  • Capes and dupattas worn as capes as well as cape pattern blouses as choli.

    If you are tired of the regular dupatta, ditch them for capes worn over your choli, instead of your choli or transform the boring the dupatta into a cape. The keyword is to drape and to cape 😀 (I’m sorry, but I HAD to do it)

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  • Ruffles, Tassels and fringes

    The girliest of details, the ruffles, fringes and tassels have been around for a few seasons now and seems like they are gearing up to stay for longer.icw-gaurav-gupta3_820_aph-images.jpg

  • Cold Shoulder, i.e., the classic off shoulder blouses
    The cold shoulder or Bardot Blouse or Off-shoulder pattern for blouses have made a comeback in a big way. From subtle off shoulders to wide and low cut, the design is dependent on how daring you can be.

Embellishments of the season:

When it comes to what “works” to look out for on your bridal wear, opt for the following:

  • Mirror Work
  • Delicate Machine Embroidery and Cut work
  • Kanjeevaram Weaved pattern on garments other than saree
  • 3D Floral Patterns ( a La Shyamal N Bhumika)


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Makeup Trends to Look Out For- Fall/Winter 2016

With changing times comes changing makeup trends. The following are the current makeup trends for Fall/Winter 2016 that you can ask you makeup artist to incorporate into you wedding looks:

  • Berry Lips:

    From deep berry lips to a just bitten berry stain, the berry lip trend has taken over the international runways and is soon going to make its debut in india. Be ahead of the crowd by sporting this colour if you are a bride fwho has an edgy side to her.
  • Peach Washed Eye Lids

    “Say everything is peachy” at your wedding by opting for a wash of peach eyeshadow as your eymakeup look. Although one may argue that the following shades are not on Indian skin tone, the key would be to find a tone of peach that works for your particular skin tone and work with it.
  • Graphic Eyeliner

    If you love to be daring, forgo the usual winged liner/smoky eyes/kajal eyes routine by going for something more geometric like graphic eyeliner looks like the following. I am sure you will keep turning heads for much longer when your wedding portrait surfaces online and you are wearing radical eye liner styles
  • Strobing

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know the uproar that contouring caused by simply existing. Then there was baking and now there is strobing which is essentially the least labor intensive way to get that chiseled bone structure that every woman craves.
  • Glitter Eye shadow

    Glitter eye shadow is back people!, but with a  subtle twist this time. Glitter eye shadows have been amped down to provide a little hint of glitter where it is necessary to add a little pop.

Wedding Guest Fashion:

Now if you have a million and one weddings to attend this season, the following are some great pieces to take inspiration from.

The trends to look out for as a wedding guest are:

  • Muted Pastel Shades
  • Assymetrical Hemlines
  • Indowestern silouhettes, particularly layered designs
  • Cigarrette pants
  • Palazzos/Parallels
  • Long Straight Kurtas With Lehengas
  • Dhothi Drape Sarees
  • Long blouses with simple sarees

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Random Wedding Stuff:

 Here are a few things that I have learnt recently, wedding wise:

  • As a bride, If you don’t want to end getting too many clocks and ugly art work at your wedding, you should consider signing up for an Indian gift registry
    Both http://www.formyshaadi.com/ and https://www.weddingwishlist.com/ are wedding registry service providers who cater to this particular need to avoid such wastefulness that is prevalent when it comes to weddings.
  • If you are someone who wants to get an out of the ordinary wedding card, Vimal Chandran, a Kochi based illustrator and photographer does commissioned works that couples have started to use increasingly as their unique and quirky wedding invite.
  • A great way to let all your guests know the exact colour theme of your wedding is by… doing the wedding invites in your wedding colours. So always keep it in mind to decide your palette earlier on and to leave a line at the end of the card saying, “so and so, as seen on the invite is our wedding color palette”.

That’s it for now. Super sorry for the super long post. If you stayed with me till here, do leave a comment saying “Hi Pathu” 😀


6 thoughts on “Who How and What to Wear at Your Wedding and To A Wedding October- November 2016

  1. Hi Pathu! 😀 This is super cool..kept me engaged throughout! I read a lot of your stuff today. Somehow came here through Pinterest. I love your style of writing. Exactly what I was looking for. ❤

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    1. Hey Sherin! Thank you so much for leaving a comment and letting me know what you think! I hope you stick around to read more posts in the future too! 🙂 Much love :*


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