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Friday Finds – 10th February 2017

Yes, I know this is going up a day too late- but bear with me. Just like every other person, I spend more time than I should online, reading about things and watching YouTube videos and even scrolling through Pinterest too much. During the last week, the following are the things that I loved and…… Continue reading Friday Finds – 10th February 2017

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My Haul From Kochi’s First Ever Flea Market – Onflea.k

What happens at a flea market? Well, I couldn’t tell you till yesterday. But today, I know better! Because, finaaaaaaaaaaaaally.. Kochi got its first Flea Market called Kochi Onflea.k, thanks to the ladies Bhavya, Leah and Anz (head over to this link to read my interview with them). But in the time, can we just…… Continue reading My Haul From Kochi’s First Ever Flea Market – Onflea.k