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My Haul From Kochi’s First Ever Flea Market – Onflea.k


What happens at a flea market? Well, I couldn’t tell you till yesterday. But today, I know better! Because, finaaaaaaaaaaaaally.. Kochi got its first Flea Market called Kochi Onflea.k, thanks to the ladies Bhavya, Leah and Anz (head over to this link to read my interview with them). But in the time, can we just take a moment appreciate the name in itself?

#ONFLEAK!! Can it be any better? And just like instagram eyebrows which were addressed with #onfleak, the event was phenomenal! Set in the picturesque Gymkhana club, all decorated with fairy lights, the whole event was magical to say the least. My favorite of course, was the stalls on display.

From embroidered children’s clothing to décor and from modest attire to wooden engraved books, phone cases and shades to of course, clothes and handmade cosmetics – the stalls at Onflea.k was just what I was looking for!!

Oh and after hearing me go on and on.. let me stop and tell you – No, I am not getting paid to write this story (but you know I wish I was ,as all bloggers do :P).  While I didn’t pick up even a fraction of the things I LOVED, the following are the things that I picked up from the flea market.

Nakedly Yours


Oh where do I start?!
it’s no secret that I love my bath and body products and the fact that there is someone who makes handmade, cruelty free bath and body products at this price range was mind boggling to me.  I picked up a lot of things I never knew I was looking for including:

Noir – the activated charcoal, peppermint soap


Soothe Operator – the peppermint,teatree oil shampoo bar

Coffee and Cream – the coffee exfoliator


Pep up– the peppermint lipbalm




And of course the way I am, I just couldn’t stop at getting myself one handmade soap now, can I?

So from FIG (Future Is Green), I picked up two soaps

Kasturi with Aloe, Neem, Wild Turmeric and Tea Tree Oil


Power Morning(picked up by the SIL) with Citrus, Shea Butter, Apricot Oil and Jasmine


Something Sketchy


There were a number of stationary items for sale at the market, and I decided not to pick anything up as I have already brought a number of them. But the sister in law went for a journal from Something Sketchy. Madhuvanti Mohan, the talent behind the brand is an independent artist, who puts her illustrations on journals, post cards, stickers, note books and more. The inside of the journal comes with different types of pages including lined, blank, dotted and checkered sections.


WhatsApp Image 2017-02-05 at 10.10.56 AM.jpeg

Last but not the least, we picked up a bag from Jugalbhandhi with traditional blue textile and leather. The brand is mainly known for their usage of authentic Indian prints and patterns in their designs.

I did mention earlier that there were a few stalls that I was eyeing, but didn’t get to pick things up from. They included Hanoon Boutique, The Black Canvas and The Pepwood store. But the best part about this event was that so many small scale business people have been brought into the public’s eye. I never thought such a variety of business owners existed here, or could be brought here!

Kudos to the team and I can’t wait to attend the next installment!


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