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Friday Finds – 10th February 2017

Yes, I know this is going up a day too late- but bear with me.

Just like every other person, I spend more time than I should online, reading about things and watching YouTube videos and even scrolling through Pinterest too much. During the last week, the following are the things that I loved and I think you guys will find interesting as well.

  1. Blush pink everything
    I am not a big lover of all things valentine’s day. Even as a woman who loves her stationery and celebrations, I think Valentine’s Day is essentially a marketing gimmick. Why are we talking about it then? Well, I’ve been obsessing over a number of blush pink things every where this week, which is fashionable right now and of course, is seen in overload everywhere, thanks to the impending V-Day. Note that we are not talking about the 2016 Rose Quartz shade, but the trendier pale dogwood shade.


  1. Serious but humorous features on
    Fashion has quickly become a favorite of mine when it comes to serious but humorous fashion pieces. Their illustrated features are always ‘on point’ including the fashion trends we will regret and latest stupid trends that exist only on instagram. You can go and read the second story here.


  1. Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

    My god! I cannot believe that I did not come across pictures of this palette earlier. Even if I cant get my hand on them (hello- no sephora in kochi and definetly no 32$ to spare), I can’t help but gush over how beautiful this palette is!
  1. Gluten-free food ideas
    I have been gluten free and diary free since January and have been eating a lot of healthy fats, vegetables and proteins. It initially started off as a weightloss thing, but I soon realized that I felt better and I had some skin troubles that were feeling better thanks to this diet. So I have been following it religiously for the past month and a half. I came across the blog myheartbeets, which features a lot of food ideas, right up my alley. The ground beef coconut curry recipe was to die for and I loved how my take on it turned out. By the way, I will let my blog readers in on a little secret – I have an instagram page where I am documenting all my healthy (gluten&dairy free) cooking endevours. You can see my first try at making zoodles in the following image –
  1. Cranberry Tea

    My love for all kinds of tea is not a secret – my favorites so far were ginger tea and jasmine tea, but my oh my – cranberry tea is the perfect example of a #hygge experience. Infact, I am drinking this tea while I am writing this blog post. The tea itself is  light, fruity, a little tangy, but warm and refreshing, it basically gives me the feeling of stepping out of a warm shower and covering myself in body lotion and sitting around reading, just by taking a sip. I know it might sound over the top, but the first time I drank this tea – I honestly wondered if it would be possible to capture it’s aroma like one captures visions with a camera. I think that’s enough said about how much I am in love with this tea!
  2. Safiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nygard!!

    I don’t know how many people like to binge watch buzzfeed ladylike,worth it and try guy videos, but I know I do. Out of all the people that they feature, Safiya is my all time favorite and I kept thinking she needs to make more stand alone videos, but I knew that the buzzfeed folks aren’t allowed to do it until they leave the company, although I am sad that she left the company – Safiya now makes videos of her own now and it’s amazeballs! 😀 The fact that almost all of it features her boyfriend, Tyler is awesome! My favorite video was the bite lip labs video – I mean she named lipsticks as Mrs. Norris, Dothraki Screamer and Harry’s first! 😀

    6.Katie Melua – Piece by Piece
    My music taste has recently gone through a lot, from happy happy music like When Chai Met Toast, to singer songwriter music like Prateek Kuhad. I have started listening to a lot of artists on soundcloud and I recently came across Katie Melua and this song piece by piece and have been listening to it nonstop. I really don’t have any idea why I am listening to the song, but  I know I am totally loving it for now.

    Oh my god! The dark take on the fun comic strip is amazing. I know many people think that it is too dark, that Archie is too perfect etc., but I am loving how it’s so much like two other favorite series of mine (Veronica Mars and Buffy the vampire slayer), that combined high school drama and angst with murder and mystery. It is super dark,dramatic and fun and absolutely all things I love. It is just three episodes in and I am already completely hooked.

So that is it for now I guess, I really would have liked to stop at seven picks for this post (you can know why by going here), but I HAD to mention all of them. Now I am going to go and pamper myself a little over this long weekend, read a little more of the Vogue Feb Millennial issue and watch cheesy rom-coms(like Love,Rosie)  and trashy *ahem* romance books ( like Amour Et Chocolat by Laura Florand)!

If you stuck around till now, leave a comment and let me know what you were loving this week – be it fashion,beauty, a colour palette,movie,music, youtube guru/channel, series etc.

Till next time! : )


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