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Learning To Let Go


Long luscious locks that tumble over a woman’s figure reaching down to her waist, perhaps in a color that looks mesmerizing in the sunlight and manages to play up her features, especially her eyes.

There is so much fricking hype tied to a woman’s hair and it’s not fair on those keratin strands, or to the woman bearing it. A woman is so much more than a sexy head of perfect hair and it’s about time people realized that.

I’m sure having perfect hair is amazing (I wouldn’t know what it feels like though). I’m sure it is a great confidence booster, don’t get me wrong. But you cannot let it define you. Just because your hair is frizzy and damaged, does not mean that you are too. While you think – Ha! Doesn’t everyone know that? Well, not everyone does. I thought I knew better and I didn’t realize I was letting my hair hold me back, till after I changed things.

Making the cut

I am not someone who could be bothered to take too much care of my hair and was happy doing the bare minimum to make sure it stayed on my scalp. But after two rounds of smoothening that left my hair looking amazing for a while and a disastrous cinnamon gold dye job (NEVER go to a place that you don’t know for a bleached dye job) that left my hair a frizzy mess, my hair started to weigh me down. I never realized how much impact my hair had on my overall sense of confidence till then. I had started to shrink into my shell, I hated dressing up and don’t even think of the idea of taking photos of my self (so long selfies!). I was bored with myself and my hair was a malignant disaster that had affected my whole being.

When I decided to take the plunge, I did not compromise on quality and went to the best  place in the city – Toni & Guy, Lulu Mall (never compromising on hair care again)  and Phuri, the senior stylist gave me the best hair style of my life! I walked in with no references and no appointment and just said…”Do what you think would look good on me.” As someone who needs to control every small thing in her life, it was surprising just how empowering it was to relinquish control and let someone do what they think would be good for me! I said I was willing to go as short or as radical as he wanted to, just on the condition that it should look good on me.

The look that he gave me was shoulder length, with face framing layers that had a beautiful vintage vibe to it and I was amazed at how it’s alright not to plan every little thing out. Most of all, taking the plunge and going through with the chop, made me confident in my skin again, without my hair to hide behind. My hairstyle is pretty kick-ass, but the truth is that making it this short, took a lot of courage. I eliminated something that I’d been hiding behind for two years and that has made all the difference in the world . In this educational process, I’ve made  a promise to myself, to realize that I am so much more than appearance (but as a lifestyle blogger, it’d be hypocritical of me not to say looking good does feel pretty darn good!).

How about we all learn to strike a balance between embracing our inner beauty and aspiring for commercially driven beauty ideals? Don’t wait for someone else’s acceptance of you shape your self worth.  Remember to take a step back and embrace the beauty of being just you – unique and unapologetic. If it’s not right by you – hair, attire, career, relationships, make your choices for yourself, choose what empowers you and don’t hide behind what someone else would want for you.

P.S. I think I am getting too many emails from The Universe!



2 thoughts on “Learning To Let Go

  1. Toni & Guy! Here I come (unless my really loud mind shuts me up before that). I did this once and yes! it was very much empowering thanks to the amazing haircut. Had it gone any wrong, I shudder to think what would have happened.
    I have been thinking of visiting a really good stylist so he/she could decide what looks good for me. I found your post on time. 😀 So well written!
    Btw how much do they charge?


    1. Hey! Trust me, letting yourself get a new haircut is the best thing I did for myself. Phuri, the guy who did my hair was all sorts of amazing. For getting a haircut with him, it was around 950ish including tax, and it is worth every penny.


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