Style Recon Ft. Dr.Sania Ashraf- Finance Professor On Weekdays And Edgy Hijabi Off Duty

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Recently at a college entrance interview, I was posed with a question – “Isn’t Lifestyle Journalism, your passion, rather elitist in nature?”

While I was bullshitting like a boss to make a good impression to land a seat, I came up with an answer that I always believed in, but never truly realized; Lifestyle journalism, by definition (at least in my definition of it), is simply the narration of stories of the little joys of life – a good book, finding the perfect pair of sexy AND comfortable heels or having the perfect cup of coffee.  Keeping that in mind – I decided to take a chance at this new blog series that I will call Style Recon in which I will hopefully feature someone new every week.

What exactly is Style Recon?

Something that I truly take joy in is dressing well and seeing other well dressed people. I am not one to hold back compliments and I recently realized how many well dressed people I see every day (in real and virtually) from different walks of life. I take joy in seeing how different people dress themselves up and how their personal style and how things like their age, location, career and beliefs influence their attire. With the beginning of this blog series that was inspired by the “Week of Outfits” from my all time favorite blogger – Joanna Goddard, I hope to share a little window into the sartorial life of chic individuals that I come across and little sneak peeks into their daily life. While it would be a great idea if I had a bigger picture for this series, my aim is simple – to appreciate these folks and their daily strong style game and maybe inspire a few folks (including myself) to dress the way I want to and not think twice about it.

Dr.Sania Ashraf – Finance Professor on Duty and Edgy Hijabi off Duty

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For the first post in this series, I would like to feature Dr.Sania Ashraf, or @_t_h_a_a_n_i on instagram.  While I have never met Sania in real, I have always been a big fan of her turban hijab looks, her makeup that is always on point and of course, her confidence for shooting boomerang videos for instagram in the middle of anywhere!2017-05-26 11.19.47

A Finance Professor at Abu Dhabi University, most of her weekdays are spend teaching classes and doing academic research. A large portion of her professional wardrobe consists of minimalist pieces – suits/blazers with contrasting pants or top and 1-2 accessories at most.  For these polished pieces, she often heads to brands like Sacoor, Zara and G2000. Her weekday makeup routine is something that she has gotten down into a downright process –

1. Prepping and applying foundation
Setting face with a translucent powder
3.  Doing Eyebrows and applying eye liner
4. Lipstick and a bit of highlighter (The Balm MaryLouManizer highlighter is an absolute favourite for Sania)

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While her weekdays are jam-packed, Sania loves to make up for lost time during the weekends – shopping, dinner with the husband and maybe some trips to the beach (the last bit is not something she told me, but rather something that I’ve noticed during my stalkership). Her off duty look is ruled by Hijab/Turban looks , long shirts- she prefers white crisp shirts, short pants, Superstar and Aviator. Her brands of choice for these looks include but are not limited to Adidas, Zara,F21, Stradivarius, Topshop etc.  Sania has a hard time saying no to makeup and loves brands like  Estee Lauder, Makeup forever, MAC, Huda Beauty etc and matte lipsticks are something she can never say no to. Her weekend makeup look is a little harder to write down as she put it –

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“My Weekend Makeup:  1. Prepping my face, 2. Primer, 3.Color correction,… and 6. …. and 9. ….an hour later I am ready!”

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Not one to turn away from making some bold fashion choices, Sania went on to say:  “I think my major turning point when it came to fashion happened when I started looking at Hijabis over instagram and watching Youtube makeup videos of Dina Tokio and the like. Dina is a huge inspiration for me as well as Dalal AlDoub. But I’ve never found a strong woman presence when it comes to professional dressing and is often inspired by my husband’s favourites – Antonio from RealmenRealStyle, Adam from AlphaM.”

Thank you so much Sania! I had a great timing talking to her and knowing more about her personal style.

If you would like to know outfit details or knows someone who you think should be featured or just loved this kind of a post, leave a comment and let me know!



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