Guide To Getting Your Beginner Basic Makeup Kit Right According To A Makeup Professional


Babble Queen Diaries is excited to be collaborating with The Face Palette. Lekshmi Menon, the Makeup Expert and Chief Editor at the website has put together a complete guide to getting your beginners basic makeup kit right from primer and foundation to setting sprays and tools. 

Most women who are starting off with makeup are often confused on how to start collecting their basic makeup kit. I believe that it is important to start practicing using basic minimal products and then work your way up. When it comes to makeup, no matter whether you get a drugstore or a high end brand, the technique of blending is what that matters and it is often difficult to get it right if you are a beginner. Therefore, it is important that you start collecting with basic drugstore products, practice the technique of blending well and then once you master the skill, you can purchase any high end or designer makeup brands that you like.

Remember, before every makeup routine, it is important to prep your skin well so most definitely you should always have your cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen in your kit. Ensure that the products that you use are always suitable to your skin type and skin concern.



I always believe that every makeup kit should have at least one liquid foundation that matches you perfectly and it is absolutely ok to invest in a good foundation that matches you well. Having one foundation shade that match you well is a basic necessity in your makeup kit. Foundation is very versatile. You can sheer it down or build it up according to your requirement. You can mix it with your moisturiser and make it into a tinted moisturiser too.

  • Recommendations:
    PAC Cosmetics foundations are really good, affordable and a nice option.
  • Another good one is Maybelline Fit me Poreless Foundation.
  • If you are good to invest in a higher end option, definitely check out MAC and get your exact shade number. Smashbox Skin foundation, Bobbi Brown Skin foundation are all wonderful high end options.



A concealer is literally magic in a tube! Having a good concealer in your makeup kit is essential as it can literally make a whole lot of difference to your look. Generally, I would advise someone to have two concealers, however, if you are starting off with a basic kit, try a get one good concealer. Ideally, it is important to get two because:

  1. To cover blemishes and pigmentation
  2. To cover dark circles

To cover blemishes and pigmentation you need a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly.

To cover dark circles and to brighten your under eyes slightly, do get a concealer which is 1-2 tones lighter than your skin tone, but not that lighter than that.


  • LA Girl Concealer is really good, excellent coverage, matte finish and is kind of like a dupe for MAC Prolong wear concealer.
  • Maybelline Fit me concealer is again easy on your pocket and great value for money.
  • Bharat and Dorris cream concealers are good as well, however, they do not offer a lot of shades.
  • PAC cosmetics also offer a spot concealer which is really affordable too.
  • If you prefer to go high end, definitely check out MAC Prolong wear concealer for under eyes and MAC Studio finish concealer for blemishes and pigmentation.
  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is a perfect high end concealer as well.


4 (1)

Powder is another absolute necessity for your makeup kit ideally because you need to always set your concealer with a powder on top to prevent it from smearing, creasing and budging throughout the day. My style of makeup does not recommend to powder all over your face. I prefer to powder only where I have applied my concealer and only on those places, like my T-zone, where I tend to get a little oily after few hours. I would always recommend you to get loose powder over a compact powder. Loose powders are very finely milled and it would prevent your makeup from looking too cakey or made up. Most of these loose powders are either translucent or has a slight yellow tone to it which is perfect for setting makeup.


  • An affordable and good option available is the Bharat and Dorris loose powder. Their shade No.2 is perfect for people with yellow in their skin. They have both small and big size powders and if you are just starting off with makeup, definitely get the small powder.
  • If you prefer to get a compact powder, do check out Rimmel Stay matte powder which is really good.
  • PAC cosmetics translucent powder is also good and easy on your pocket.
  • If you prefer to go high end, definitely MAC Translucent powder is really good.
  • You can check out Ben Nye Banana powder as well.




For a basic beginner’s kit I would always recommend you to get a nice Neutral eyeshadow palette that is versatile, has different matte and shimmer finishes in one palette and has tones for transition and dimension. There are several neutral palettes in the market but if you are starting off, ensure that these following tones are included in the palette:

  1. Matte Black
  2. Matte Brown
  3. Gold Shimmer finish
  4. Bronze/Taupe shimmer finish
  5. Champagne shimmer finish

Having these 5 colours in a palette will ensure that you have enough colours to play up your looks. Matte brown is a perfect transitional shade and matte black is a perfect shade for dimension. Champagne shade is perfect for inner corner and under your brows and other tones are neutral tones that you can pair with numerous looks. Get one of the palette’s below for your basic kit and practice blending colours. It is important to start with neutral colours and practice blending before investing and collecting more makeup.


  • Several of the Makeup Revolution, Freedom Cosmetics and I Heart Makeup Eyeshadow Palettes are worth checking out.
  • They are really pigmented, affordable and they have varied shades in the market-some of my favorite palettes are I Heart Makeup Death by Chocolate Palette, Maybelline The Nudes Palette, Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Palette, Romantic Smoked Palette, Freedom Pro Today’s Tonight Palette, Freedom Stunning Smokes Palette etc.
  • If you prefer to go high end, do check out LORAC Pro Palette Original, Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 Palette, MAC Nutcracker Eye Palette, The Balm Meet Matte Palette, The Balm Nude ‘Tude Palette.



Indian women are known to wear eyeliners quite regularly when compared to any other makeup and most women do have their own eyeliner in their kit. There are several formulations of eyeliners available in the market these days ranging from pencil, kohl, gel, liquid to cream. It is totally individual preference what needs to be purchased. Some are waterproof, some are water resistant, some are smudge proof etc so always get the one that suits your needs. For upper liner, you may use any formula, however for lower water, always choose a kajal or a kohl pencil.

Brows frame your face and it is essential to your get your eyebrows groomed on a regular basis. There are several brow products available in the market right from brow powders, brow gels, brow pomades. Always use a shade lighter than your own brow hair colour to achieve a natural fuller brow. You can also use deep matte brown eyeshadows to fill in your brows.



  • Sugar cosmetics, PAC Cosmetics and Plum cosmetics in India do amazing range of eyeliners. They are good and easy on your pocket as well.
  • Maybelline Colossal is another popular brand of eyeliner available at almost every Indian drugstore.
  • Maybelline and L’Oreal also does gel eyeliner which are extremely popular.
  • Chambor is another brand known for their good eyeliner formula.
  • As for higher end option, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners are really popular in the makeup world.
  • Inglot does really good gel eyeliners too.
  • Urban Decay eyeliner in Perversion is fantastic.
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear eyeliner is very good eyeliner from the high end range.
  • MAC and Clinique also do a good range of eyeliners as well.

For Brows:

  • Freedom Brow Pomades are really good and affordable dupes for the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomades.
  • Sleek Brow kits are again another affordable alternative.
  • Freedom Cosmetics also have their brow kits but they do only subtle brown tones but not super dark ones.
  • Maybelline does a brow crayon which is another super popular product but it needs to be used quite light handed for a natural finish.
  • Nykaa Eyebrow pencils are really good and affordable ones too and it also had a brow comb at the end which is super handy.
  • MUA Brow gels are really nice and very handy.
  • NYX Tinted Brow mascara is another super amazing product and it can be gently brushes through your brows for a subtle and fuller look.
  • As for high end products, definitely go for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade or the Brow Wiz, both of which are super nice.
  • MAC Brow Sculpt is another popular product from high end range.
  • Clinique Brow Styling Mousse is an amazing option too.



There are several mascaras from the drugstore that do a really good job. Remember mascaras expire every 3-4 months from its opening date so it is important to think whether or not to invest in a high end brand, especially if you are starting off. Brands such as Maybelline, Rimmel, L’Oreal and MaxFactor do really good mascara from the drugstore. NYX is another brand that has amazing range of mascaras. Always choose the one that suit your preference. Some are waterproof, water resistant, some give more volume, some give more length etc.


  • Maybelline Falsies mascara
  • Maybelline Colossal Mascara
  • L’Oreal Telescopic
  • MaxFactor Extreme impact mascara
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational
  • L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes
  • Rimmel Scandal eyes.
  • As for high end, MAC Extreme Dimension Mascara, Clinique high impact mascara, MAC Extended Play Mascara etc are really good options for your kit.



There are number of blushes out there in the market from the affordable range that you can add into your kit. Absolutely affordable brands such as available in the market and many of them are dupe shades for higher end brands. You can either purchase single blushes or palettes depending on your choice. Bronzers can be applied instead of a blush too. They warm up your skin and give you a healthy looking warm flush which is perfect during summer months.


For Blushes:

  • Miss Claire does really good blushes and many of their tones are dupes for NYX range of blushes which is three times the price.
  • One of my favorite blushes from the drugstore is L’Oreal blush in the shade Rosewood.
  • You can also get really good and affordable blush palettes from brands like Makeup Revolution and Freedom Cosmetics.
  • MUA and Makeup Revolution does really cheap and good quality single blushes -Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar and Golden Sugar 2 Palette is absolutely a brilliant product.
  • Sivanna Cosmetics also do really good shimmer bricks which are perfect dupe for the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks.

For Bronzers:

  • Makeup Revolution does bronzers.
  • You can never go wrong with the NYX Matte bronzer as well.
  • Makeup Revolution and Freedom also does palettes that contain both bronzer and blushes which are really nice and affordable.
  • My favourite drugstore blushes are from Sleek.
  • If you prefer to go high end definitely check out MAC blushes such as Melba, Gingerly, Peaches etc are pretty shades that can work with a lot of skin tones. MAC’s Bronzing powder also is really nice.
  • The Balm’s Bronzer in Bahama Mama is a nice pretty bronzing shade.
  • Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks are really popular.
  • Clinique does their Cheek pop range which is really pigmented and pretty.
  • Brands such as Tarte and Guerlain do really pretty blushes and bronzers as well.



Having few tones of lip liners in a makeup kit is essential for work out varied lipsticks. Few colours that you need include:

  1. Plum
  2. Red
  3. Pink
  4. Coffee brown
  5. Deep Burgundy

If you have these tones in your kit, these can work with various tones of lipsticks.


There are several brands in the market that do really affordable and pigmented lip liners-

  • PAC Cosmetics range of lip liners are really pretty and a very close dupe of the Huda Beauty Lip contours from the high end.
  • Miss Claire Glimmerstick lip liners are really pretty as well.
  • Rimmel does various lip liners that are easy on the buck and super pigmented.
  • Lakme, NYX, Maybelline, L’Oreal also does really pretty lip liners.
  • As for high end, MAC lip liners are super popular.
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear lip pencil is another popular higher end product.
  • Urban Decay also does the 24/7 Glide on lip pencils that are super pretty.



Every single person knows how to wear or dab on a little lipstick and it does not require an extensive tutorial. There are several formulations on lipsticks available in the market and one can choose anything from:

  1. Lipgloss
  2. Lip stain
  3. Liquid Lipstick
  4. Normal Lipstick
  5. Lip Crayons

Remember, conventional normal lipsticks are also available in different finishes such as cream, satin, velvet, matte, lustre, metallic, frost etc. You can choose anything that suits your personal preference. If you have extremely dry lips and prefer something moisturising, definitely go for a cream finish and if you prefer something more pigmented and long-lasting, definitely go for a matte finish but ensure that you prep your lips well before applying to avoid cracking. For a basic kit, similar to a lipliner these following 5 tones will be perfect to do various looks.

  1. Plum
  2. Red
  3. Pink
  4. Coffee brown
  5. Deep Burgundy


  • From the drugstore, Miss Claire does really good matte lipstick range.
  • Lakme has really stepped up their game and has reformulated many of their old lipsticks and they are really affordable too.
  • Sugar cosmetics do some of the best lip crayons available in the market and they are great dupes for NARS Velvet lip crayons too.
  • Chambor does really good liquid lipsticks in India. Even PAC Cosmetics Retro matte lip glosses are great liquid lipsticks to try and are super affordable.
  • Revlon, Maybelline, NYX, L’Oreal, Faces etc do really pretty lip glosses perfect for a nice subtle youthful look.
  • Milani is another brand that does amazing lip shades from the drugstore.
  • As for high end, MAC lipsticks are really popular and have like a tonne of finishes and tones.
  • Bobbi brown and Estee Lauder lipsticks are really pretty too.
  • Urban Decay Vice lipsticks are really pretty ones from the high end and they have varied shades as well.
  • NARS Audacious lipsticks are really popular in the makeup world.



There are several basic tools that are required in your basic makeup kit such as:

  1. Brushes
  2. Eyelash curler
  3. Cotton pads
  4. Q tips
  5. Makeup Wipes

Brushes: There are several brands of makeup brushes out there in the market from several brands, however, if you are beginner, you can never go wrong with Real Techniques set of brushes. They are affordable, really long lasting, super soft and blends well and have very less shedding.

Eyelash Curler: Many beginners are quite intimidated when it comes to curling lashes, however, curling makes such a drastic change to your eye look and it can do complete justice to your eye makeup and mascara. Brands such as Vega and Chambor do really good and affordable eyelash curlers for your kit.

Cotton pads: These are a necessity in your makeup kit for a good cleanse, to wipe your face or even to clean out your brushes. Drugstore in India such as Health and Glow does cotton pads at affordable prices. In the UK, it is easily available at Superdrug and even at Primark. It is available at every drugstore in the US such as Walmart, CVS etc.

Q Tips: They are super handy when it comes to smudging eyeliners/kohls, correcting lipstick mistakes or eyeliner mistakes, prevent eyes watering etc.

Makeup Wipes: Use wipes that are preferably alcohol and paraben free. It is not recommended to use wipes on a regular basis but it is super handy when you need to clean up eyeshadow fall out or if you wish to switch your look in a jiffy from day to night.



If you prefer to have a full-fledged makeup kit the following items can be added into the kit as well. However remember, these are optional if you are beginner and you can slowly work your way up.

Contour Kit:


If your bronzer has a good grey undertone to it and if it is matte, you can easily use it for contouring. There are also several drugstore brands such as Freedom and Makeup Revolution that does good and affordable contour kits. Sleek contour kits are absolutely amazing. For high end, NARS Laguna, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, Kat Von D Contour Kit, The Balm Bahama Mama are all amazing products.



Again, Makeup Revolution does amazing highlighters and several palettes as well. PAC Cosmetics highlighters are really affordable, super duper pigmented and finely milled, great quality comparable to many high end highlighters. Sleek Highlighting Palettes are also super nice. As for high end, The Balm Mary Loumanizer, Becca Opal, Becca Champagne Pop, Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kits, Laura Geller Gilded honey, MAC Soft and Gentle etc are all amazing options.



There are several primers in the market each having its own purpose. There are illuminating primers, pore refining ones, photo finish ones etc. A primer can help to make your makeup either matte or illuminating. There are several ones such as Revlon Photoready, Makeup Revolution Blur Primer, PAC Moisturising lotion, NYX HD primer, Colorbar Perfect Match etc. From high end, MAC Strobe cream, Smashbox Photoready primer, Benefit Porefessional, Stila one step primer, Clinique super primer etc are all fantastic options.

Setting spray:


These sprays are used after applying your makeup to set your face so that your makeup can last longer and can sync in well without making it look cakey. These are optional for your basic kit but it is actually an amazing product once you get used to it. From drugstore brands, NYX, Makeup Revolution, Freedom Cosmetics, PAC, Elf, Colorbar etc do good sprays. For high end option, MAC Fix Plus, Urban Decay, Skindinavia, Makeup Forever, Gerard cosmetics etc do amazing ones.

The above ones are optional for a beginner but it is definitely a part of a makeup kit that you can collect in your future. Makeup is one of those things that change on a daily basis with new brands, new products, new textures, new finishes and new formulations come in every single day. Once you master your techniques right, it is absolutely fun and creative. Knowing to do your own makeup can give you confidence and trust in your own hands where tomorrow you do not need to depend on another person. Remember, every single person started fresh one day, so can you so definitely pick your basic kit and start from the basics and work your way up.

Hope this post has been helpful to many of you out there. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with @thefacepalette .

Stay pretty and keep smiling!
Xoxoxo Lekshmi

As part of the collaboration, check out the article written by me over at Lekshmi’s blog on 6 Beauty Brands in India stepping up their Game in 2017.


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