Style Recon ft. Ranjini Menon – A Versatile Petite Fashionista


As a keen observer of fashion, I like to note a person’s signature style and I’d like to believe that it comes easily to me. But Ranjini Menon is someone whose signature style I’ve failed to pinpoint. As she herself says, “My personal style is versatility. From traditional Indian wears to gothic, artsy, anti-fit, sexy, bohemian – I love to try it all out. My only condition is, it has to accentuate your plus points and downplay your weak ones. It’s all a game of finding the perfect match and combinations. Some might feel unlikely but when you try them out, it can work wonders!”

After the great response to the previous style recon post featuring Dr.Sania Ashraf (do check that post out to know more about the series in general), I caught up with Ranjini Menon – a petite beauty who loves fashion and never shies away from trying out risky looks –

10 Style Recon Questions With Ranjini Menon

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am an Artist Manager at Aum-i Artistes, based out of Kochi, a production and design house specializing in Artist management, branding, TV content and events. I like to think I am a poet and a writer. I love movies, music and art. And I am an optimist more than anything in life!
What is your typical day like? What is your daily wear look?
My job is not the “daily grind”, office routine type and my days are very laid back. We do not call our workplace an office. We call it a “hub”. I love what I do because I get to contribute to artists, art and music in general. The husband is also a full time musician and I am with him inside the studio composing, creating music. The whole process just makes life that much more rich and enlightening! (For those wondering, Ranjini is married to the very talented Govind Menon of the band Thaikkudam Bridge).

My daily wear, therefore, is predominantly for movies or to the “hub” when required. Mostly tunics, tees, tops, crop tops, jeans, jeggings and maxi dresses. Accessories are mostly only one at a time or even none. Foot wears are mostly shoes with bare minimal heels or just flats. I resort to pumps or sandals with medium sized heels when dressing up for occasions and events.


How has your style changed in the last few years?
I would say, I have grown bolder and hence a lot more comfortable in my own skin and my imperfections. I am extremely experimental and is game to what is usually called ‘not the norm’. Mostly I do these experiments when there are events coming up! 🙂

Where do you love to shop from?
Some regular go-tos are Westside, Veromoda, Marks & Spencers, Global Desi, Splash and such.

What is one thing you can never say no to – fashion and makeup wise?
Fashion wise, I always prefer dresses to jeans/pants. And makeup wise, I can never say no Kajal and Lipstick ; they are an absolute necessity when I step out.

What do you think was a major style turning point for you?
The major style turning point, believe it or not, has been my marriage. My husband has always inspired me to up the fashion quotient by encouraging me whenever I doubted myself with ‘risky’ outfits! If it was before marriage, I wouldn’t have ever dreamt of wearing some of the outfits I wear today. My story has been the opposite of what we have always heard around us! What could be better than a husband who is hell bent on bringing the best version of myself out!
Do you have a go to fashion formula that never fails you? What is it?
It is not really a single formula, but

  • The hair well done can do wonders to even a lackluster outfit.
  • The colour Red and it’s variations, personally, jacks up my look, when i don’t have anything to wear or when nothing is going right.
  • A denim jacket thrown on top of a blah top can up the game, just like that!

How does your daily life dictate your fashion choices?
Comfort is extremely important for daily wear. I wouldn’t compromise comfort for style. Never.

_DSC9813-Edit 2

Who would say are your biggest style inspirations?
Right now, it has got to be Sonam Kapoor. That lady owns whatever she wears. I mean, that’s how you experiment with fashion and up the game like a boss! What she has done to sarees, for instance, is just brilliance.

What I am saying is, you can either wear the tried and tested classic outfits and always play safe, or you can be the trendsetter, always experimenting and bringing fresh ideas to the table.I would rather choose to be of the latter tribe.


As a petite girl, what is one sartorial advice/tip that you’d like to tell other petite girls like yourself?
I sincerely feel that petite women can wear almost everything. However here are a few things I feel would be worth noting-

  • When wearing pants / jeans always go for the high waist ones. Helps you look taller. Crop tops look amazing on our type! 😉
  • Try to always enhance your assets. Be clever.
  • When wearing loose outfits, put around a belt above the waistline to create the illusion of curves. It needn’t be tight. Just a soft hold would be enough.
  • Showing some legs and plunging necklines are always the best bet for petite beauties.

DSC9668 edit 1b

Thank you so much Ranjini! I’d like to give her special thanks for getting a professional photographer friend to photograph her outfit for this small series of mine! I had a great timing talking to her and knowing more about her personal style.

Photographs by: Hemanth K

If you would like to know outfit details or knows someone who you think should be featured or just loved this kind of a post, leave a comment, ask a question and let me know!




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