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Style Recon featuring Teresa Boban – Fashion Communicator and Curvy Fashionista

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What are two things that you always wanted to do but haven’t till now? For me, that is to start dressing the way I want to dress for my body, no matter what anyone says and also to get a degree in Fashion. Well, the next person in Style Recon is Teresa Boban, who has achieved the latter and does the former on a daily basis. A Fashion Communication graduate from NIFT Chennai, and is freelancing. I met her when she interned as a stylist at FWD Media House. Every day at work she would come in wearing something that was no fuss and chic, and suited her body perfectly. I roped her in to do this series so that I can sneak a peek at the outfits in the fashion communicator’s wardrobe, as well as to decode how she figured out what works for her body and not, as I am still trying to figure that out.

10 Style Recon Questions with Teresa Boban

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your days are usually like
I’m Teresa Boban and I’m a fashion communicator – this means that I handle the communicating end of the fashion cycle. This includes styling, graphic designing, photography, fashion content generation etc. I just graduated from NIFT last may, so right now I’m taking my much deserving break. Doing freelance styling projects, preparing a portfolio and a lot of procrastination is how I spend my day.

How has your style changed in the last few years?
Being in a fashion school has definitely molded my dressing sense. We are encouraged to experiment with our style. It surely gave me an exposure to the world of fashion.

How would you define your personal style?
Being a taurean, I’m more of a practical person. Not a risk taker and my style reflect that. My wardrobe mostly consists of basics and I like to layer them up usually. In terms of color as well, I am not too experimental. I have a lot of black, white and blue and the occasional dull greens and pale colors.

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Where do you love to shop from?
I love H&M for their basics – I got the white turtle neck and the slip dress from. Zara for their fast moving- off the ramp copies – bags and shoes, the white banker stripe tie up shirt and Forever 21 for my lil inner bohemian – white wrap around maxi dress. But I absolutely love shopping from the streets as well. But sometimes you want this particular piece, but it’s not there in the market (that happens to me a lot) that is when I get it made like the kale shirt dress and the banker stripes shirt dress. I got the material and got my local tailor to stitch it for me.
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What is one thing you can never say no to- fashion and makeup wise?
Fashion wise, my answer would be a well fitted white shirt. It’s like a canvas and there are a million options of how to wear it or what to team it up with. When it comes to make up, I love lipsticks. For me, it is not kajal that does the magic of brightening up my face, but its lipstick.


What do you think was a major style turning point for you?
I was always given classes on how a fat girl should dress. I think it is the people around you that make you feel like you’re fat. The day you stop listening to them and accepting your body that is what is going to change you for the best. I started studying my body; like my arms are my biggest enemy and I stopped wearing short sleeves. But believe me there are so many other options than just sticking to just jeans and t-shirt.
l love wearing dresses and initially I was so conscious but then I discovered that maxi dresses compliment my body. Now I have a lot of maxi dresses in all silhouettes and patterns and colors.

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Do you have a go to fashion formula that never fails you? What is it?
It is not exactly a fashion formula, but black is definitely the curvy girl’s fashionable best friend. It can really hide any unnecessary bulges and makes you look lean. My cupboard is filled with black clothes 😉

Who would you say are your biggest style inspirations?
I like how Sonam Kapoor experiments.I’m fascinated by the Kardashians’ barely-there clothes. But I don’t think I have a style inspiration as such.

As a curvy girl, what is one sartorial advice/tip that you’d like to tell other girls with curves?
You go girl!! Wear what you want. Be confident. Don’t let others decide what looks best on you and don’t be shy to experiment. When you’re jobless at home, play the dress up game and try mixing and matching to figure out what works for you and when in doubt wear black 🙂


Thank you so much Teresa! It has been a while since I did her interview, but the new Pondicherry life and my Masters work was taking the toll on keeping up with the blog. But it was a true joy to have this conversation with her about fashion and on the need for one to decide what works for their body or not. You can find Teresa at @teresaboban on instagram. Including her, a few recent graduates from NIFT are organizing a fashion exhibition and sale in Kochi with some really original fashion and you can find them at the @thedesignersedit on Instagram as well.

If you would like to know outfit details or knows someone who you think should be featured or just loved this kind of a post, leave a comment and let me know!


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