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Here’s To A Few Lifestyle Trends Best Left in 2017


I follow a lot of makeup artists, designers and fashion bloggers and such and as a social media addict who switches between instagram, facebook, pinterest and bloglovin to check out content, I start to notice patterns and the following are some lifestyle things that I am truly tired of seeing and hopes isn’t going to continue into this lovely New year:

  1. Red Lehengas (and Sabyasachi replicas)
    As someone who has dreamed all her life of wearing the bridal red for her wedding, I have to say that it is a very unoriginal idea now. The sheer number of brides wearing the same shade of red, with the same kind of Sabyasachi-esque styling has gotten me absolutely bored every time I see someone wearing it. And don’t even get me started on the Sabyasachi replica situation that has grabbed the brides of India by storm. It’s either the real thing, or not, the worst part is that the replicas are created by designers’ whose original works are usually fresh and beautiful in its own way
  2. All aesthetics blogs/instagram accounts
    Before you go off saying I’m jealous of blogs that are superbly visually appealing, I am just one of those people who remember a time when blogging used to be about writing and not just pictures. I am someone who loves pretty pictures as much as the next person, but I just wish pretty pictures with no soul didn’t take the place of honest to god, true blogging where people put work in to create quality content and they get the attention they deserve. Rather than posting pretty pictures of shoes, fur, white marble, rose gold something and studded something else and calling that blogging.
  3. Makeup trends that make everyone look the same
    I know a trend is what it is, but certain makeup trends have become so popularized that everyone looks the same. We all know what trends I am talking about contouring, highlighting, fake eyelashing, lip plumping and everything that goes with all that. Beauty is a lot about being unique and when everyone looks the same, it might as well be like the Miss Korea pageant of 2013. So let’s hope 2018 brings about makeup trends that embrace uniqueness and that people will learn to change trends to best suit their features, rather than mimic trends blindly.
  4. Soulless online “boutique” reselling items
    I am all for entrepreneurship, but people need to relax with the gazillion resale stores that sell exactly the same things for different price points. The good thing is that most people are intelligent enough to recognize truly unique brands that create and sell original pieces or at least take time to curate what they are selling, rather than picking things up in bulk from other sellers or at markets in Bangalore or Mumbai. I hope we get to see more enterprising instapreneurs in 2018 who come up with more fresh and amazing products and less of the resell stuff.

For the first blog post of this year, I thought I’d start by writing about something for the fun of it, like I used to when I first started blogging. I know this might have come off as me whining, but what the hell! 😀
Here is to my first rant of 2018 and here’s to achieving amazing things in 2018! ❤


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