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Planning To Plan? 12 Great Indian Stationery Shops To Find Perfect Planners

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetThere is something immensely satisfying about seeing the fresh pages of a new notebook and the idea of jotting down your daily tasks in a well designed, good quality planner. While Erin Condren and Happy Planner reigns supreme in the planner world, they do cost a bomb and it is a hassle to get them shipped from the US. But more than all that, why head to a shop that miles away when there are amazing small time businesses that make and sell fun and funky planners and stationery, right here in India?

While hunting for my planner of the year, I came across a number of planner brands that I was not aware of that existed in India. And after posting a poll on my Instagram (go follow me @fathima.94, if you haven’t already), I decided to do this roundup of the best planners available in the market for 2018.

Creative Crazy
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Thanks to the power of social media, I found out about and in fact, the above pictured that I am using for this year is from them. The planner is very handy and has a horizontal layout, which is new to me. I am still struggling to make the best use of each of the slots provided. But from using it for the last one week, I’ll say that the paper, print and binding quality is great, so is the allocation spaces, although I would have preferred if the monthly page came before each week, rather than all 12 months together and then all the weekly pages.  They also have specialized planners for mompreneurs, entrepreneurs, meeting fitness goals, for bloggers and such.
Price: INR 445/- (They are the least expensive weekly planner on the list)

Creative Middle

With a website and style that is reminiscent of Glossier or BHLDN (check them out, if you haven’t) , Creative Middle is a purely stationery shop, that sells planners, notebooks, notepads, greeting cards and such. The planners are all undated and there are also options of blog planner, professional planner, creative planner, and wedding planner in addition to daily planners. The layout is of the horizontal style, but they do have more space than creativecrazy.
PRICE:INR 550 – 1450

Oddgiraffe.comOddGiraffeThis brand has a very limited number of pieces on their shop, but whatever they do have – 3 agendas, 3 notebooks and a few pieces of clothing – are all well designed quirky pieces. The Odd Giraffe agenda looks fairly handy and is more pre-planned , since it has dedicated space to record your water intake weekly, as well as calories burned, as well as to track books being read and even a dedicated page each month to doodle.  They are pretty popular right now and in fact their most popular ‘work work work’ agenda is out of stock and is only available on pre order. They have a horizontal layout like the above two, but with a vertical switch for the weekend. They also have a decent number of stickers to go with their agenda.

Once Upon A Flutter
This online shop sells stationery from an assortment of brands. They have a variety of planners and journals in their online store, but the best one that they have is the Rifle Paper Co. (an American brand) 2018 planner. This hardbound planner comes with a monthly and weekly section and is of very sturdy quality. Since it is imported, the price is on the higher side than most of the other designs.

Artchetype Studio
With an adorable panda – Mr.Cubo as the daily cheerleader, Artchetype Studio, based in Mumbai has come up with 2 planners for 2018. Both the planners are rather cute, the Cute planner being more cutesy than the Classic design. Both of them are pink, come with a lot of quotes, stickers and Mr.Cubo illustrations to keep you going for the year. The weekly layout is horizontal in this case as well. The store also has pens, journals, stickers, monogram stickers and such.

The Papier Project
From undated planners that can be customized for a few extra bucks, to complete themed stationery sets, The Papier Project has a rather varied selection of stationery and the 2018 dated planners have a tropical theme and come with fun stickers and themed quotes inside. This planner also has a horizontal layout.
For those who love wedding invites or even collect those like I do which you can read about here, or if you are getting married soon, they do wedding stationery as well!
PRICE: INR 700 – 2850

Alicia Souza
This quirky illustrator is a fun instagrammer and an amazing entrepreneur with her selection of merchandise featuring her quirky works for sale. She came up with the Planner of Infinite Happiness for 2018. True to her style, the planner is very fun and quirky design. The ring bound planner comes with stickers and motivating quotes pages featuring her illustrations. She also has a very fun 2018 calendar for 2018 that everyone should also checkout.

This online store includes a number of things for sale, including home decor to fashion. They also include a good range of stationery items that include planners from varying brands. The prices also range from 400 – 1000+. I am not sure I can talk much about the quality of the products since I have not heard of feedback from anyone else online either (do let me know if you have tried/or know someone who did). There is also the problem that the inside images of many of the planners are not shown, so you might have to risk with how the layout will look inside. But as far as I can see, the collections are well designed and if I had to pick a favourite, it would be this handy weekly pink planner.
PRICE: INR 400 – 1000

Origin One
With a very functional look, the designs from Origin One, are indeed original and are perfect for those on the go. They only have undated planners which include yearly planner, monthly planner, and they also have travel planners and journals. They also have a set of very simple but pretty planner sticker set. The monthly planner is customizable as it comes with an option of three sizes – A4, A3, and A5.
PRICE: INR 450 – 650

Milaa, one of the planner brands to pop up earlier than the others in the market, was earlier known as Nirmala Franklin. They have vertical layouts and are perfect for being used with stickers. Head on over to this earlier review that I had done on this planner to know things in detail.  The prices have come down from when I had done the initial review and the designs have changed, as they have a metallic theme designs now.

This brand was my first proper planner and it was an experience to say the least. I had done an in depth review on the same back when I bought it and they continue to come out with similar planners even now. The shop predominantly sells custom paper products, especially for kids. You can head over to this review that I did, to know more in detail about the insides of this planner.
­PRICE: INR 1999

Papel Jam
With a variety of stationery as well as lifestyle products such as passport covers, makeup pouches and such, Papel Jam has an interesting mix of products on their website. The 2018 dated planner comes with customization option and stickers in two designs. They also have a great 2018 desktop calendar in their New Year collection.

Have you bought your 2018 planner yet?
Was your purchase from any of these brands ?
Do you know any other great stationery stores in India worthy of being checked out?
Drop a comment/message and let us know 🙂 



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