Babble Who?!

How Babble Queen Diaries Can Help You Live Your Life  A Little Bit Better
I am Fathima Abdul Kader, a 21-year-old  writer with too many interests and too less time. I live in Kochi,Kerala and lead a middle class life and I decided to become what I could not find online –
Blogger From Kochi and A Lifestyle Blogger Who Is Treading the Line Between Her Love For Lifestyle and Necessity For Budget Shopping.

How Can I Help You? 

Do you love any or all of the following?

Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, Stationery Planning, Journaling etc., Weight loss, Food- Making and Eating them, Exploring My Home City- Kochi Baby! :D, Reading, Do It Yourself,Projects, Organization, Self Improvement,Wedding stuff

All these are the things which I assure I love, and  I write for others like me, who love these things but live a normal, less extravagant life, and want to keep these interests alive and crackling while they go about their normal life to make it a little bit better.
I review products I like, do makeup tutorials, posts comments on celebrity style, posts recipes, projects, share resources,tips,answer questions,- I essentially share any knowledge I have and do all this so  that others don’t have to go through as much troubles of the trial and error method.

What Else Do I do? 

I have been writing on this blog for the last four years, and currently work at the wonderful FWD Media House in Kochi and write for FWD Life, as well as WtzupKochi.
I have also had the honor to write for sites like