Babble Who?!

Fathima Abdul Kader – The babbler behind the blog

This blog is for the truth seeker, the cross-analyse-before-buying-a-product-er, and for those who cannot pass up on a good deal or just plain love reading about the lives of others. Started in 2008, before the era of influencers, this blog still remains to this day, an attempting at say it like it is and tries to inform rather than influence.

The girl behind this blog is an aspiring writer from Kochi, Kerala and currently settled in the beautiful beach town of Pondicherry. With a love for fashion, budget shopping, online stalking, travel and food, she is somebody constantly looking to learn and try new things.

Her stint with blogging is almost reaching 10 years (on and off, for sure). While her interests have changed largely over the years to include more than makeup and fashion as it was initially, her love for sharing (maybe even a little oversharing) remains unwavering. Hence the name, Babble Queen (Let us also blame it on Meg Cabot’s book)


So what should you expect from this blog? 

Look forward to interviews with interesting people that provide a peek in to their lifestyle or aspects of it, honest product reviews, budget shopping ideas, style features, skin care and makeup ideas, the occasional recipes, book reviews, reflective essays, all with a personal touch to them.

What else does the blogger do? 

 As a current student of Mass Communication, she has been working as a freelancer for multiple websites and have been doing so for the last 8-9 years.
Her recent internship was at Platform Magazine. She is also currently contributing to The Grey Alley, Pinkerala and Pondylive.
In the past, she worked for an year with FWD Life and WtzupKochi.
She had also worked with the likes of the following websites before that: