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200 FOLLLOWERS!!thanks so much!! Muchos Gracias! :)

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!I gotta say that at 16/6/2011,night 1:36AM i saw that i have 200 followers and i am so happy..!! thanks EVERYONE!! and especially to Prachi..!! the 200th follower!!I swear that i will blog more often for all you peeps! Love Ya! Love Ya ALL So Much!! 🙂 :)Buh-bye For Now!Fath!ma Needs To Go SleepyBye Advertisements

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I hit 100 Followers!!!

I just wanted to thank you all SO MUCH!!! i have hit 100 Followerss!!!!!!! i am so grateful!! My 100th follower is Mevish and i am linkin her blog here as a BIG thank you…i saw her blog for first time now and she is UHMAZING at makeup!! she is reaaaaaaaaally good!!!!!!! Everyone Go check…… Continue reading I hit 100 Followers!!!

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I hit 50 Followers!!!!!

This is just a quick post to thank all my followers!! you girls rawk!!! i never thought i would have A follower,wanting to read what i think about things….i am on cloud nine..i woke up,checked my blog and saw this and broke into a happy dance!THANK YOU GUYS!!!Fath!ma