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Introducing |L’Oreal Skin Perfect Range

As we were just discussing the various ways different women take care of their skin in the last Girl Talk series here and here… I thought I’d better get around to introducing the latest L’Oreal Product on the block.Now when I received this range, this is how it looked and I was so excited! It…… Continue reading Introducing |L’Oreal Skin Perfect Range

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My First Impressions Using the LoveLongHair Range!!

I have used the #LoveforLongHair Range for about 3-4 times in the last few days. Look wise, it is very basic. White colored shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo lathers up very well and they both have a very pleasant smell that is not too overpowering. Since we dont know the entire details of the product…… Continue reading My First Impressions Using the LoveLongHair Range!!

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LOVE Long Hair Range!

Guess who got roped into doing a blind test for the #LoveLongHair range?This girl!! :DI just received the package two days later than everybody else (It sucks to live at the south..!!)I was so excited to try the package that I was halfway through ripping the package open,when I remembered that I should probably take…… Continue reading LOVE Long Hair Range!