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Learning To Let Go

Long luscious locks that tumble over a woman’s figure reaching down to her waist, perhaps in a color that looks mesmerizing in the sunlight and manages to play up her features, especially her eyes. There is so much fricking hype tied to a woman’s hair and it’s not fair on those keratin strands, or to…… Continue reading Learning To Let Go

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Looks of a trust-worthy blogger(?)

This post actually started off as a comment on one of my favorite blogger’s post, written about half a year ago. I went back to her blog for some reason, and seeing this post piqued my interest all over again. Tanveer over at Addicted to blush talked about her experience about having a reader comment that she…… Continue reading Looks of a trust-worthy blogger(?)

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Dressing Desi Casual

Since the wedding, my mother has put me on a clothes shopping ban and I have been craving to shop so much these days. I am seeing these desi casuals everywhere I look online and I want in!!!!!!!!!!Since I am not allowed to shop,i am going to do the second best thing I can do…… Continue reading Dressing Desi Casual

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Unapolagetic Apology + Choose Your Favorite Look

Yes,I am a very bad blogger.Yes,I have not posted in a while and yes,I feel guilty. The truth is that I started this blog back in 9th grade when I was obsessed with all these things and had no outlet and this was where everything spilled out.But these days,I have more people in my life with…… Continue reading Unapolagetic Apology + Choose Your Favorite Look