Style Recon ft. Ranjini Menon – A Versatile Petite Fashionista

As a keen observer of fashion, I like to note a person’s signature style and I’d like to believe that it comes easily to me. But Ranjini Menon is someone whose signature style I’ve failed to pinpoint. As she herself says, “My personal style is versatility. From traditional Indian wears to gothic, artsy, anti-fit, sexy,…… Continue reading Style Recon ft. Ranjini Menon – A Versatile Petite Fashionista

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Learning To Let Go

Long luscious locks that tumble over a woman’s figure reaching down to her waist, perhaps in a color that looks mesmerizing in the sunlight and manages to play up her features, especially her eyes. There is so much fricking hype tied to a woman’s hair and it’s not fair on those keratin strands, or to…… Continue reading Learning To Let Go

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Friday Finds – 10th February 2017

Yes, I know this is going up a day too late- but bear with me. Just like every other person, I spend more time than I should online, reading about things and watching YouTube videos and even scrolling through Pinterest too much. During the last week, the following are the things that I loved and…… Continue reading Friday Finds – 10th February 2017