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7 Remarkable Fashion Trends On The Runway To Love Right Now

Are you one of those people who only notice a trend once it is everywhere, or are you one of those who spot and sport a trend before it becomes “main stream”? I’ve always prided myself in having a good eye for spotting a trend from miles away . You just have to be interested…… Continue reading 7 Remarkable Fashion Trends On The Runway To Love Right Now


Style Recon Ft. Dr.Sania Ashraf- Finance Professor On Weekdays And Edgy Hijabi Off Duty

Recently at a college entrance interview, I was posed with a question – “Isn’t Lifestyle Journalism, your passion, rather elitist in nature?”

While I was bullshitting like a boss to make a good impression to land a seat, I came up with an answer that I always believed in, but never truly realized; Lifestyle journalism, by definition (at least in my definition of it), is simply the narration of stories of the little joys of life – a good book, finding the perfect pair of sexy AND comfortable heels or having the perfect cup of coffee.  Keeping that in mind – I decided to take a chance at this new blog series that I will call Style Recon in which I will hopefully feature someone new every week.

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Learning To Let Go

Long luscious locks that tumble over a woman’s figure reaching down to her waist, perhaps in a color that looks mesmerizing in the sunlight and manages to play up her features, especially her eyes. There is so much fricking hype tied to a woman’s hair and it’s not fair on those keratin strands, or to…… Continue reading Learning To Let Go

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Friday Finds – 10th February 2017

Yes, I know this is going up a day too late- but bear with me. Just like every other person, I spend more time than I should online, reading about things and watching YouTube videos and even scrolling through Pinterest too much. During the last week, the following are the things that I loved and…… Continue reading Friday Finds – 10th February 2017

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Lipsticks And Here’s Why

  As a makeup lover from a young age, I have gone through various phases in my makeup obsession- from caking on foundation, concealer and a full face of makeup when I was all of 14 to not wearing makeup at all for almost an entire year when I was 18; I’ve gone through all…… Continue reading These Are A Few Of My Favorite Lipsticks And Here’s Why