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7 Remarkable Fashion Trends On The Runway To Love Right Now


Are you one of those people who only notice a trend once it is everywhere, or are you one of those who spot and sport a trend before it becomes “main stream”?

I’ve always prided myself in having a good eye for spotting a trend from miles away . You just have to be interested enough in the field of fashion and of contemporary things in general and you will start to notice those little trends that are everywhere, once you learn to keep an eye out for it. Recently, the following are some trends that I’ve been noticing when I am out and about (in real and virtually, as usual). In the recent times, the following are 7 trends that I’ve noticed everywhere – from stores, store windows to runways.


The vintage pattern that is sometimes thought of as being “dish cloth” like , Gingham has always been a favorite pattern of mine and now it’s back with a vengeance on the runways. Seen in many avatars from dresses to scarves, shoes and bags, the trend is making rounds all over the place and rightly so!


The classic stripes were spotted on the runway a few seasons ago and have stayed strong ever since in varying avatars. Right now, thinner vertical stripes in faded shades of red, blue, grey and black are seen in stores, while graphic stripes have been spotted on the runway. Stripes are so amazing that I might actually be wearing something striped for Eid (hint: keep an eye out for my Eid look).

Western Inspired

Who doesn’t love the good old western frontiers and cowboy pants and tacky cow boy boots? Okay, maybe a few people, myself included! But the currently fashionable western inspired looks are pretty cute; think studded ankle boots, cowboy hats, neck kerchiefs, dark floral flounce skirts, and oodles of fringes and frills. The best way to go about sporting it is by making sure the outfit is balanced enough so that you don’t look like you are ready for the next rodeo.

Kitten Heels

Aaah, kitten heels; these beauties have always been a favorite in theory ever since I saw Audrey Hepburn sporting it. Luckily for girls who love vintage things, kitten heels are back in trend and they will be everywhere in a few months time. So keep an eye out for them, and store away all those stark white sneakers and sky high heels.

Patches – Iron and Sew on

The sew on and iron on patches, especially those with rose and other floral motifs are ruling the casual fashion scene right now. Spotted on jeans to shirts and sheer crop tops, this embellishment has found a footing for itself in the trendy wardrobes of now, has the looks of sticking around for at least a season.

Shades of Blue

Navy, cobalt, indigo, periwinkle and more, blue and its various shades are flooding the market. In Indian markets, Indigo pattern kurtas and churidar suits have always been a favorite, but it has become more so than ever. If you love this colour, now is the time to wear it to your heart’s content.

Utilitarian Pieces

If you looked at the Veromoda India instagram stories, you might have spotted a number of very functional looking pieces that is very unlike their usual looks. But when paired with more girly dresses or tops, utilitarian pieces in shades like camo green or black exudes certain edginess. Don’t try and wear too many utilitarian pieces together, which might quickly take the look from edgy to hand’s on work wear.
So what are the trends that you have spotted recently? What and how do you think you would love to wear among these? Leave a comment and let me know!

Feature image: Temperly London Fashion Week Spring 2017

2 thoughts on “7 Remarkable Fashion Trends On The Runway To Love Right Now

  1. This post is so on fleek! I am in ❤ with all the trends in there….I mean what's not to love, right? 😀
    Oooooh….and can maybe add "Bell Sleeves" too cause they are awesome! And I can't get enough of them!
    Great post, Fathima! 🙂


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